NOTICE: Tortured Soul passed away this morning

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  • Francois

    Tortured Soul, I know you suffer no more.

    And when you are done adjusting to the next life, I hope you will pick out a spot for you and I to sit where we can talk until the wee hours.

    Get that spot ready for us when you have time as it won't be terribly long now before I arrive.



    Tortured One, I hardly knew you.

    It's obvious your impact was/is significant on this forum. Just reading all these posts, and I'm at a loss for words.

    Condolences to the Tortured Soul's family and friends.

  • Prisca

    My condolences to Misty and family.

  • shamus

    I can't stop leaving this thread.... it just shocks me. Can't believe that a goodbye letter was even written just a few days ago....

    What an incredible individual. How happy It would have been to know Tortured Soul in real life.

    Rest now, Tortured Soul.

  • pettygrudger

    ((((Misty))) - My sympathies to your family. Ron touched so many of us, probably without even realizing how much. His poetry holds a special place in my heart. I have printed out so many, and I sit here reading them, crying for a loss of a man I never got to meet in person, but who I felt I truly knew, understood & loved in soul. I loved our e-mail correspondance, and I will cherish them always.

    May he rest in peace. I can think of none more deserving.

  • sf

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I wanted to share this with everyone who was unfamiliar with Ron, a/k/a Tortured Soul. He was a kind and gentle man with a gift for poetry. I found his poems to be incredible and deeply touching. He should have been published. If anyone is interested, here is a link to his poems:

    He nudged me several times to also post a poem, and on the day I finally did he wrote this to me:

    Repeat after me...............
    I will keep writing.......
    I will keep trying.......
    I will get better....
    I will NOT give up........
    I am good at what I do....
    I am better FOR what I do....


    That was on Monday, June 9. Just 10 days before he left us, his thoughts were about someone else. He was caring enough to give encouragement to me at a time when he had every right in the world to shut down, close up and focus on his needs.

    My biggest regret since I've been posting is that I never got the chance to meet him. He was a very special man.

    This world is diminshed by his abscence.

  • nowisee

    big tex, i know what you are saying....

    i only became acquainted with TS in the last few weeks as he posted his very touching messages and poems.... at first i didn't get the gravity of his situation, but then it became obvious that he would be leaving....

    i was so very touched that he cared enough about everyone here to continue sharing his thoughts and reaching out until the very last possible moment. it says so much about the kind and loving person he was (and hopefully still is in some other cosmic realm where there is only happiness and light).

    his advice to you was right on.

    i wish i had known him better.

    deepest sympathy to ron's family.


  • pettygrudger
    I think about the time that's passed-
    And all I've seen and done.
    The finish line approaches fast,
    My race is almost run.

    The places where I've spent my time,
    The heartaches and the fun...
    And if I could erase some scenes,
    I wouldn't change a one.

    Mistakes? Why, sure, I've made my share-
    And, wrong? I've done that, too.
    And lies? Admittedly, I have...
    But then, friend, so have you.

    So when I cross the finish line-
    My name, carved on some stone-
    Let this line be my epitaph...
    "He lived, he loved, he's gone".
  • pettygrudger

    Above is one of his last pieces.

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