Prediction: no more changes for a long while

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    There has been a huge cultural shift within the organisation. The smart thing to do would be to sit on it and monitor how it is affecting morale and zeal. It makes more sense to keep gradually phasing 1914 and other obviously failed prophecies by not mentioning them anymore. The loosening of the grooming standards is just a relatively minor thing when you compare it to the stringent belief patterns of JWs. I too believe they will sit on this and closely monitor the results as they become a slightly more modern religion. It's much easier to drop these minor points. No one got DFed for growing a beard, nor would there be anything more than a mild reprimand for greeting a DFed person at the KH.

  • nowwhat?

    When they originally scrapped the generation of 1914 in 1995 it was hidden in a couple paragraphs of the watchtower study that was really about something else. I bet they do the same thing with blood. It will be done more subtle without a big announcement.

  • Not Jacob
    Not Jacob

    Don't comment here much, and only came by to see the talk around the recent changes

    Just wonder how anyone who has been in this org for 20+ years can have ANY respect for it any more... How does this org still maintain any credibility whatsoever

    I remember handing out pamphlets as a young adult "The end of false religion is near!" with big lightning bolts in the art.

    What a colossal fraud...

    Now God changed his mind about neckties

    Aren't God's standards unchanging?

  • slimboyfat

    If I remember that kingdom news about false religion with the lightning on the cover it was the same one that condemned other religions that tolerate homosexuality. The GB hasn’t changed the rules on that, yet, anyway.

  • sloppyjoe2

    I notice everyone keeps speculating about 1914. Why drop it while any of the current governing body are alive? The overlapping generation covers all of them to their death. That's a problem for the governing body 4.0

  • Vanderhoven7

    My take:

    They will not substantially change the blood policy.

    They will not change the 1914 date.

    They will not change their stance on fornication one iota or they will lose their claim to moral superiority.

  • Dagney

    To make the changes they have made to the corporation, Brooklyn/jwdotorg/media/ etc., they have to have loooong range plans, non of them spiritual. It is for the survival of the corporation, how to protect it. I don't know this GB, but from my observation the old guys just deliver the news, and would not have any experience to guide a corporation of this magnitude. They are only the faces that the flock revere.

    These are business decisions IMHO, from very savvy business men who are trying to stop the bleeding. Giving out the "oh boy's" was pretty genius. Relaxing the shunning doesn't change any corporate real estate investment plans, and definitely helps their image to "the world" (TM) in their legal issues.

    Does "Service Department" really want to deal judicially with a family being too friendly with a DF'd child when they have mega legal issues at stake all over the world that could tremendously impact the future of their real estate holdings and income of corporation?

    I think there will be distancing from any controversial doctrines. The message is still loud and clear "the end is very very very very very near". That is really all I hear, and the "GB this and the GB that".

    I've a hear a little that maybe the older folks are having more issues with changes, not uncommon. From others they are having great fun with the relaxed rules, group vacations, etc.

    Interesting times for sure.

  • LongHairGal


    Interesting times for sure. But, I’m Glad I’m long Out and watching this only as a spectator!

    I also agree the JW religion has long range plans! I think it’s just a question of when would be the correct moment for them to reveal these things.. Right now I think they are watching the dust settle on the recent shocking changes they already made to determine the attitudes and whatever in the congregations!

  • blondie
  • ThomasMore

    The GB is well aware of the decline in attendance and participation in daily JW activities. They are almost desperate to slow the decline, and will agree to meaningless changes like beards and pants. But, I am not holding my breath for any substantial change in doctrine. They have been promoters of false doctrine for over 100 years - why stop now.

    They fear losing tax exemption more than anything. Money is their god.

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