5 kingdom halls in New Addington for sale

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  • pepperheart
    They are not able to keep this complex going even though they are not printing 60 million magazines a month,this sounds like they are a bit short of money
  • Finkelstein

    ...or they dont perceive the need for these facilitates, since they have gone pretty much digital, rather bank the cash $$$

  • pepperheart

    But only on their own website though do they have a 60 minite programe lots of far smaller cults put programes on cable channels and satalite channels as well both in the usa and around the world

  • daveysmithy30
    Does any one know who the estate agents are for this sale? I can’t find anything yet online.
  • Nambo

    I just started a thread inquiring what has happened to all the congregations that used to meet here.

    I was in neighbouring Caterham when these were all built, it was a great social event.

    The complex is within walking distance of my present residence.

  • usualusername1

    Will follow your thread with interest.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Nambo, you was in the same congregation as member of my family.

  • Nambo

    Scruffmcbuff, Go on, which one as I was in three, are they still in?, say Hi please? You can always PM me if you are still in. I do miss the brothers and sisters, I would go back if I could lie and say I believe their 1914 stuff, (etc, etc).

  • still wondering
    still wondering

    I too was in Caterham for many years, left about 2002, donated many hours (months) working on the original conversion from a borstal. I remember the dedication ceremony and the big nosh up that followed. When I left 1 hall had already closed. Huge waste of everyone's time and financial resources but an absolute godsend for a real estate cult masquerading as a religion. Clearly Jehovah is blessing them as He provides the necessary funds to pay their child abuse compensation costs and legal fees. Wouldn't want nasty ole Satan bankrupting Gods spirit directed organisation.

  • Diogenesister

    Hi you Caterham lot. Anyone know the Lazenby’s from Bedford? Or Wilson?

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