How long till the hounders come back ?

by Clambake 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cognac

    If that was me with all the hormones and no-sleep, I would have went hysterical and scared the elder for life...

    If he'd woken my kid, I probably would've tried to make him put her back to sleep.

    I was pretty bat-sh*t crazy with the hormones though... Border lunatic...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Why do elders think that they can come by out of the blue and wake a baby who is sleeping? That's because elders think they are above courtesy. Which of course they aren't.
  • ssn587
    When we had our last baby the head honcho elder stopped by wouldn't come in house and gave us a surprise when he told us to "not" let anyone in to see the baby or go to the hall weeks and to stay away from the hall at least that long too. We were shocked but definitely didn't go for almost two months. Best advice we ever got from witnesses.
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    ssn587 ,WOW an Elder that finally gave good counsel ! He must have had kids too.

    Clambake , we came from a Hall that in our younger days was full of new parents and young couples . Sisters almost made a contest of who could come back to the hall earliest from having a baby was so stupid !

    One thing I saw while being a JW was that they use having a new baby as a way to guilt inactive ones back into service . The thinking is now you have this new person to be responsible for ,and of course the fear of the dreaded END should be enforced upon your mind . Don't let them pressure your family .

    Enjoy the new bundle of joy ,get your rest and take care .Congratulations !

  • Diogenesister

    Clambake congratulations! Make no excuses for getting all the rest you need, put a sign on your door saying "Practical help & pre cooked meals gratefully recieved - keep your spiritual advice to yourself!

    Lisarose 😜love the advice!

    Ssn587 That elder definately remembered young fatherhood!

  • Pioneerbot
    When we had our first child they wanted to have a shepherding call with us because we didn't come to meetings right away. I almost died in childbirth and they were freaked because it took us a month to come to meetings. Oh and my husbands work was cut back and he was scrambling so we would have rent money. But go in peace, keep warm and well fed. You could just feel the love.

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