Tight pants Tony III (closeted gay anointed GB member) is on the July briadcast

by jambon1 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • snugglebunny

    His handkerchief is folded in the "puff fold" style.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Wow. . . just skipping thru this real quick (at about 20 min) there is yet another VIDEO about MAKING VIDEOS.

    This is clearly the message Jesus wants to get through to mankind in the very, very last days of the Last Days.

  • OrphanCrow
    doubtful: ... I have to say I don't think they wear expensive suits. Italian suits are a little foible of mine and I'm very familiar with them. Most of the suits I've seen on the GB (the ones where you can see close enough to see the fabric anyway) seem to be cheep fabrics and ill-fitting

    Ah, good. Someone who knows something about suits.

    Doubtful, did you watch Jackson's ARC testimony? I thought that Jackson's suit looked pretty good and fit him well in spite of his portly figure. Was his suit a cheap knockoff or was he wearing something more substantial? Do you think he invested in an expensive suit for his worldly appearance?

    And yeah, Morris' suit doesn't fit well at all

  • snugglebunny

    Mind you I'm not keen on those ultra-fitted suits some fellas wear. Somehow emasculating. Can make a chap look as though he's mincing...

  • jambon1

    "Oh yeah, the homosexuals love you in those suits!"

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