Irregular to meetings, can I partake in memorial?

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    Meh, I'd bring my own. 🍪🍷🍻

  • Squekylive
    You sound like one of those people who have left the JW religion however the religion has never left you.

    oh no, its the other way around, religion has left me, but I did not left the religion yet, I am still an active JW, but never involve in any of their practices like Field Services, Congregation activities like cleaning, Answering in the meetings, reading watchtower, shaving breads, never donated a single cent past 3 years,.. I just go to meeting once a month or so, sit there browsing internet in my phone, and shake hands with people that smile at me on the way out, and leave the hall in 3 minutes. if anyone ask me to stay or ask question, I never reply them, and say "see you" and leave before them as they speak..

    You are still a victim o JW mind control over you , by the organization......Or are you ?

    I dont think so.. because I am very careful that I dont do anything that the organization says,.. I only report the hours like 3 to 4 hours every month.. I actually dont do any field services, I just report some hours so that they dont make me inactive as per the book. What every they ask / say, I will listen and say "OK".. but I wont do, I dont try to justify with them, . its a very bad Idea... On top of this, I even go to other congregation far away as if I am a person from a church, and question their practices, I will argue with them if I see any unknown JW in the streets. I even prepared a document and tracts on how to speak to JW that I distribute to other churches with the help of the pastors, I try to coordinate with church Christians and help them how to speak to the JW.

    If you beleive John 6:53 and that you should partake go to a church that will allow you to do so .Here is where you find out if you are still under WT control .

    Yes, this is what I wanted to do, I am making plans to get baptised in father, son and holy spirit in a protestant church soon, but before that I am planning to relocate soon..

    Does it matter what church you attend to obey Jesus commands ? to eat the bread and drink the wine ?

    Not at all!, I am fine with any church that properly acknowledge that the bread and wine is the flesh and blood of Jesus

    Or do you just want to make a statement among your family and peers at a Kingdom Hall.

    I dont care what they think, but my focus is to not SIN before God by passing on the Flesh and Blood of Jesus, .. I believe this is a greatest Sin in the world! .. the memorial is done in such a way that they properly acknowledge the bread and wine is Flesh and Blood of Jesus, and deliberately rejecting it! ... My First choice is not to attend the memorial, but if I happen to attend, I thinking I should partake and not SIN before God!

    I just dont want to create unwanted issues within the family for the mistakes done by the watchtower, .. we dont want to fight with ourselves you see... the enemy is the watchtower, not my parents and relatives!... so I just want to act as if I support the watchtower, .. but in the background I am totally against watchtower and do everything to spread the news about them to the world for the rest of my life!..

  • Squekylive
    amoung my JW family, they would be schocked if I am not present in the memorial! and would create unwanted sorrow in the family.

    And you don't consider partaking would do the same thing?

    haha!, nice question, .. but I think partaking would be a different level of shock / confusion.. no? because, no one can judge who can be anointed, its a free gift from Jehovah, .. If they ask me, I would say "I dont know why Jehovah gave this gift, you only have to ask him".. etc.. I think Parking may not make my family as much as disappointed than missing the memorial!, on the other hand, its possible they may get happy that there is an anointed in the family !. haha.. the true enemy is the watchtower, not my family members, I dont want to disappoint them. I dont think they will be disappointed if I partake, but they will only be confused!

    They somewhat recently adopted a new reason - Brazen conduct. I do not believe this term was defined in stone and might be referenced when other reasons don't fit. Some here have speculated that it could include not adhering to the counsel and dictates of the GB or Elders, which then could include rejecting WTBTS doctrine which you would be expected to know and understand as a baptized JW.

    what you said is very true! thanks for this info, this is something that i should think before making the partaking attempt. .. I actually dont do any assignments, or congregation activities, or associate with their field services, .. so all this can be considered as disobeying.. But at the same time, I can be careful hear after and change my disobeying pattern, If they give me any assignments and ask me to associate etc, I may tell them i am not doing well, I have allergies and am always sick! etc., and this I can justify as a per-informed permission or something like that? But I want to be careful that I dont involve in any of their activities.

    Anyhow, as you said there is a risk, but let me ask you, what is the worst case, lets assume I have partaken, and I am disobedient to the elders... what now? what is their next step as per the book? Can I say that "I have never been disobedient, but just because the circumstances never allowed me to involve in the activities" ?

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