Irregular to meetings, can I partake in memorial?

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  • Squekylive

    Hi friends

    I don't believe in JW doctrines anymore but because of family I have to be a JW for now.. i am not regular to meetings, and don't answer in meeting, but I report some hours so I remain as active JW now..

    Congregation knows that I am not spiritual and I don't talk to people and I don't care what they think about me.. Now, I believe it's important to observe Lord's Supper as a Christian as per John 6:53, so in the coming memorial if i attend I want to partake in the communion,.. I believe it is a sin to pass the bread and wine inspite of knowing it's flesh and blood of Jesus.. It's like rejecting Jesus.. So I want to partake.. But i dont consider I am anointed etc. I just accept Jesus as my mediator..

    Now, if I do this I am sure the congregation people are going be shocked, because according to them I am not spiritual, I know the society says not to question people who partake etc.. So if I partake will there be any official problems for me? Like judicial enquiry, warning or possibility of disfellowship etc?... If there is any problem I don't think I will want to attend the sinful memorial.. Can any experienced JW advise me?


  • pale.emperor

    No, they'll just think you're crazy. Like i always did when i saw anyone partake.

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    If you're really up for a gag, you should eat the entire plate of bread and drink the entire glass of wine...that would get everyone in a tizzy and probably get you kicked out promptly :)

    Darn, so that means you could probably only eat all of the bread before they catch on and the elders circle you like piranhas :-(

    Or, just bring your own wine =D And pull it out after eating the plate of bread!

  • ttdtt

    Of course you can - no one will rip the bread and wine of your hand.

    But why would you????????

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    ttdtt:"no one will rip the bread and wine out of your hand" I don't know about that, they ripped the song book out of the person hand next to me . She was sharing the song book with me....I question also why would you partake?Do you believe it's God's organization, if not why eat and drink at Satan's table.

  • slimboyfat

    Pretty much anyone can partake. Or else wrestle you to the ground?

    Will they count you? That's a different question.

    They might ask you why you partook after the meeting. If you sound "humble" they might count you and if you sound like a "trouble maker" they won't.

  • slimboyfat

    Thinking about it, they've already tried shaming ordinary JWs into not partaking by implying you might be mentally unstable if you partake. The next logical step could be instructions to elders to be stricter in who they count as a partaker.

  • Rocky_Girl

    The only reason to partake at the memorial is to cause a scene. If that is what you wish to do, then do it. It is never a sin to be respectful and loving toward your family.

    If you want to participate in communion and enjoy some kind of spiritual experience, find a church that does that and find out how to join the process.

    Think about your intentions and then make your choice.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When the bread and wine comes around, go ahead and partake of it if you want to but be prepared to be asked about it and be prepared to tell them just what you've said here.

    Depending upon whether or not you're baptized and what else you tell them and upon how " by the book" your Elders are, there could be further action taken that would change the course of your life in terms of friends and family.

    It seems to me that whether or not you agree with them, JW's should be free to conduct the religious services that take place within their own walls, as they see fit and those in attendance should be respectful of their ceremony. If you think that the way JW's handle the memorial is "sinful" or inappropriate, why attend it or participate in it by partaking?

    Are you really that concerned about sticking up for Jesus or you more interested in making some kind of point? If you are interested in showing respect for Jesus death and feel the need to partake in a communion, why not go somewhere else where they do it in a manner you approve of and avoid all the unnecessary brew-haw that is sure to ensue with the JW's ? I can assure you that any point you are trying to make, will be lost on them and will come around to bite you in the backside, instead.


    Irregular to meetings, can I partake in memorial?

    Of Course!..

    WatchTower has even published,they expect crazy people to partake..

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