JWs on campus

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  • notjustyet

    Ask some fellow students to come to the booth with you. The more the better.

    Ask the Jws if their leaders teach the Jw members not to pursue a higher education or to attend college.

    Bring a iPad and play this video to the Jws asking them if this man, Anthony Morris III and let it play infromt of them all.

    Then be sure to encourage the students to share what they have learned and to share the video of their leader to all their friends so that they are aware of what this group teaches, that being to drop out of college. Here’s the link.


  • JaniceA

    Sarabethy, You really are doing a difficult thing and you are awesome for facing them. You have an opportunity to really help the students to be educated and you might open the JWs eyes too. You can change the world. You already are!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Sarabethy, good for you confronting them. Just make sure YOU appear stable and reasonable. You sound prepared.

    FYI. My mom was baptized in 1970 in....Juneau, Alaska. My dad was career Coast Guard, mom was alone alot in a small apartment with 2 kids ...blocks from a Kingdom Hall. Two Special Pioneers studied with her multiple times a week. Dick and Jan Baker. Bet you knew them. I was 4. I am now 51. We left Alaska in 1971, dad left the CG 3 years short of retirement.

    Jehovah's Witnesses ruined us financially and in life.

    College saved my life in 2006. An ethics class opened my eyes....I also had a paper on JWs Left in 07.

    Good luck with anti witnessing. I don't have the stomach for it.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • NewYork44M

    I teach at a state university. Never have I seen any cart witnessing. I would think it is a bit embarrassing given their anti-education stance.

  • Tenacious

    Good try but the JW's use the Freedom of Speech to their favor. I've also sent photocopies of their education stance to the state and schools but I still see them on different campuses statewide. The members are not to blame but rather they are victims themselves. I know it's easier to lambaste them and get angry with them but remember you're not dealing with rational people. You're not dealing with people who react with common sense in terms of their religion. You are talking to heavily indoctrinated zombies therefore, you are likely to never get through. There is, however, the chance that a spark can be lit with any piece of information that perhaps they themselves have had doubts about in the past.

    Good luck!!

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