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  • Sarabethy

    Hi all,

    It's my first time on this site though I am no stranger in the ex-JW community. I come to you now asking for your assistance in what to present to the Dean of students at my university.

    Why am I meeting with Dean of Students, you may ask? Because today, while innocently finishing an assignment in the school library, I happened to look out the window and see the JWs with their stupid little cart. I live in Juneau, Alaska which has a population of something like 30,000 people. The university, UAS, is small, probably something on the scale of a community college. So the JWs and their cart really stood out.

    I'm not exactly an ex-JW activist, though I have done my part to "unwitness." Mainly because Juneau is so small, and the congregation of JWs must be miniscule, I've never run into any of them before. .So this was somewhat of a shock, to have them on what I consider my territory.

    A little bit about me: Born and raised JW. Believed it 100%, pioneered, planned on going to Gilead and becoming a missionary. Left at the age of 23 because something was so incredibly off about the religion. Did my research about 13 years ago but waited another 8 years to properly disassociate myself. Anyway, I am now 40 and have gone back to school to study environmental science. It's not only something I'm passionate about, but a great way to say F*** You to the JWs and to my past, in that I was denied a college education and critical thinking for a good portion of my life. So now you might understand why a great rolling wave of emotion came over me when I saw them out the window.

    I was on my way to class, but had 15 minutes to kill, so I went to talk to them--confront them really. I was shaking as I made my way down the library stairs. Does anyone else experience this kind of shaking when you approach JWs? I don't know why my body takes over like this, because I'm the kind of person who's not afraid to talk to anyone. My body was having a physical reaction, even though my thoughts were crystal clear. I approached them and asked if they had permission to be on campus. They did, they replied. I asked who gave them permission because I was going to make a complaint. I then asked them if they thought it was ironic that they were on a university campus when they discourage higher education. They denied that, of course. And then that led to the greatest 15 tirade against the JWs that I've ever had.

    It was glorious, in that I could openly question and accuse JWs, and all the while they had to stand there and listen as they couldn't turn and leave. The smiles were plastered on their faces, denying things left and right, but I'm like "I'm embarrassed for you. I know more about the organization than you do." They were their 50s or 60s, had been JWs all their lives, and looked like an elder and his wife. They seemed genuinely nice, but their denial was disgusting. Especially when it came to the issue covering up sexual abuse in the organization, and families shunning dissociated members.

    Anyway, I've set up a meeting with the Dean of Students tomorrow morning to issue my complaint about the JWs being allowed to set up shop on campus. I know that there's free speech and all that, but I would still like to present some things to Dean to at least make him aware of who's giving propaganda out to the students.

    Anyone have any luck getting JWs kicked off of premises? Any talking points you think I should bring up? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • never a jw
    never a jw
    I feel your pain. I have gone through similar emotions of disgust and anger. Find publication that show how the Watchtower discourages higher education and present them to the Dean. That should be a good start.
  • smiddy3

    Good point najw ,also i would show the Dean the articles that state JW`s should follow the direction of the GB even if they don`t understand it and don`t agree with the direction given.

    In other words OBEY us at all costs, and do not think for yourselves we will tell you what to think.

    And please let us know how you got on with the Dean and his response.

  • Onager

    Is there a group or religion that is already banned from advertising on campus, a group like the Moonies maybe? If so, what similarities are there between the JW's and the banned groups?

    I just went on the University of Alaska Southeast to see if I could find out any info, but got totally sidetracked by the page on Bear safety! How cool is it that the health and safety policy has 5 pages on Bears! I'm going to take this advice to heart:

    "Fight any black bear regardless of circumstances."

  • truth_b_known

    Isn't ironic that JWs are witnessing on a college campus when higher education is forbidden by them? That's no different that people handing out pamphlets on why "Meat is Murder" at a butcher shop.

  • jaydee

    You should have given yourself a bit more time to prepare some articles to show and print out.

    Do universities allow every nut job group to be on campus, just because of a free speech issue ?

    Where is the line drawn...? Is NAMBLA allowed on campus to spread their message ?

    ''If not by eight, then too late ''

  • nugget

    I would also point out that ex members often choose to pursue education and their articles are extremely offensive to ex members. There was a Watchtower that openly stated that in ancient Israel people would be stoned to death for leaving the religion and only the law prevents witnesses from doing the same. it shows how much people who leave are despised. As this religion teaches intolerance it goes against the philosophy of the University community and can be intimidating i they are on site.

  • dubstepped

    Just stand out there and preach TTATT and they'll probably leave on their own. Record them. Ask questions. They're cowards.

    Pisses me off every time I see a cart. The shaking while approaching is probably some result of the ptsd many leave with. I get it too sometimes. Just so many feelings that it's overwhelming internally even though I'm totally rational. The mind and body can have two different experiences at the same time.

  • Vidiot

    10 bucks says the average rank-and-filer would completely fail to see the irony in an anti-"higher-education" religion hawking promotional material at a bastion of "higher education". :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    "Big Dub on Campus"

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