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  • gone for good
    gone for good

    JaniceA -

    What an absolutely brilliant idea.

    and that recorded would would be worth a ton of the mockery and ridicule the "smugity" lying hypocrites so richly deserve.

  • Sarabethy

    Alas, free speech wins out. Turns out that in America, each campus has a spot designed for free speech. Anyone can speak in these areas, even hate groups, as long as they don't incite violence. As the Dean pointed out, the university doesn't necessarily support what any group might be promoting. But from something negative (such as the JW message) something good can come about. He actually put a nice spin on the situation. He says because of the JWs presence on campus, I came to talk to him, and he previously knew nothing about the JWs. He found my paper on insular groups and stunted development to be eye-opening and he encourages me to continue talking to others about my JW experience. I would say (in JW jargon) that a good witness was given.

    In fact, "a good witness" was given several times yesterday, when several students saw me talking with the JWs and asked me later on what was going on. If I ever see them with their cart on campus again, I plan to make a spot beside them and share information with anyone walking by. I like the suggestions given on here, to record any exchanges with the JWs. They hate that kind of stuff. I will not make it easy for them, just as they have not made it easy for me for a good chunk of my life.

    I appreciate all the comments on here. I'll keep you posted as to any more encounters. And jp1692, thank you for posting those links. I still have a lot of psychological stuff to work through.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This is a link to other discussions about the Watchtowers stance on Higher Education where you might be able to obtain printable information to show the Dean.


    It may be helpful if you are able to demonstrate to him or her that the Watchtower organization tends to "bash" institutions of higher education and even go so far as to punish their elders if they have young ones living in their household who are attending University. Public Surveys reveal that JW's have low education levels compared to other religions. http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/educational-distribution/high-school-or-less/religious-tradition/jehovahs-witness/



  • Sarabethy

    Thanks Pete. The Dean agreed with me that them being campus was disrespectful, considering their stance on higher education. I even tried the "as a student I'm uncomfortable with them" thinking that maybe a paying student's needs should take precedence over a soliciting religious group, but turns out that not even that works. Free speech is free speech. And I shall have my fair share if they keep peddling their propaganda on my campus.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Sarabethy -

    Good on you for enlightening the dean.(another heroic gesture)

    And good on the campus for championing free speech - something the JWs neither preach nor practice. .

    Thanks for studying to clean up this wonderful world - and have fun kicking one crappy cult to the curb while you do it.


  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    "Fight any black bear regardless of circumstances."


    Any advice on grizzlies?

  • pepperheart

    What about all the tv programes and other media coverage about the jws there have been. could you make a list of all the different items ther have been about the jws to give to your fellow students so that its not just what you say

  • smiddy3

    Well done Sarabethy you have given a good "witness" about TTATT with the Dean and other students

  • jp1692
    jp1692, thank you for posting those links. I still have a lot of psychological stuff to work through.

    As do we all, Sarabethy, as do we all!

  • SAHS

    I say, Fight fire with fire. If those JWs want to keep their cart setup on the campus, that’s actually great. Just set up your own display right beside it with some choice material exposing the WT for what it really is – a man-made cult with more lies than Richard Nixon and Donald Trump put together.

    The JWs want freedom of speech on the campus? Great. Give it to them. Show the passers by some videos of, say, John Cedars (Lloyd Evans), and direct them to the best resource pertaining to the Watch Tower: Raymond Franz’s book Crises of Conscience. Now, that’s freedom of speech in action.

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