2018-04-05-BOE- Adjustment to May's Local Needs item!

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  • Atlantis

    6-pack for The Fall Guy!

    Many thanks!


  • lastmanstanding

    So, awhile back I started a rumor among the dubs in our town that a certain kingkongdumb haul was going to be sold off and all the dubs from there would merge with the other half.

    I laughed hard when an apostate sister got in contact with us to tell us that her still burnt in fleshly sister told her the rumor during one of their family visits together... that they shouldn’t be having anyway.

    To Jesus, people were precious.... Not buildings.

    In fact he said the most important building of back then would be sacked.

    Haha.. “our Kingdom Halls are precious to us” sayeth the JWs

    ”our Temple is precious to us” said the desciples to Jesus

  • Downtowner

    Heaven forbid the meeting goes over 7 minutes. That two minutes from one talk and five minutes feom the CBS might not be enough. I might need an additional .5th of a minute taken from the bible highlights portion.

    And they need a script for an introduction to the video?? Talk about Theocratic Micromanaging.

  • Crazyguy

    With all the effort and repeated talks and videos on the subject it’s pretty clear that their trying to hide something. Yes many Kingdom Halls are closing and being sold off and it’s pretty obvious that it’s not do to growth!

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