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  • OzGirl

    Two sisters did a magazine demo recently. One used her tablet to show a scripture to the other one. The second one said: "That looks easier than trying to find it in a book."

    The days are gone where you had to learn the Topic of Conversation for the month, use the scriptures for the topic and remember where to turn them up in the Bible.

  • stuckinarut2

    How often did we get told that "the word of God has power..." And that therefore we should ALWAYS use the actual bible rather than just showing a quote or reciting the verse?

    Now using an electronic tablet or phone makes it look cheap and tacky!

  • Divergent

    In other words, the Bible is confusing, complicated, & difficult to use!

    I always dreaded flipping through the Bible, trying to remember where on earth God said what & where the heck were all the other scriptures which supported the scripture I wanted to use. If I was God & wanted to write a book which can benefit people, I would make it as user-friendly & easy to use as possible, with clear & specific guidelines which could not be misinterpreted. It would be clear, coherant, consistent, conclusive, certain & most importantly - convincing, instead of the ambiguous jumbled mess it is right now!

  • Truthexplorer
    could you imagine Jimmy Swaggart 'tablet' thumping!
  • ducatijoe

    Amazing how Jehovah changes his mind to keep up with technology! Could He not see the future of the internet?

    Just a few short years ago the Borg counseled us not even to use paper print outs of scriptures during meetings, let alone in service.

    This proves to me that this organization is run by MEN, not God. I think the creator of the universe could see the future of the internet. Men can not, and adjust what is now acceptable as they go.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Right on, Divergent! I always said, "what difference does it make where you read the scripture from, it says the same thing!!!" It drove me crazy... Sooooo glad I do not have to try and figure this insane type of reasoning out anymore!
  • ToesUp
    I remember just a few short years ago, I brought my IPad to the meeting. I was met with dirty looks and stares. My how things have changed. Once Mother says it's ok, all is well. HYPOCRITES!
  • OneEyedJoe

    It's all about appearances. They didn't want people using paper printouts at meetings because they used to love to go on and on about how people in other churches didn't open their bibles. Now they're trying to appeal to a younger generation so it's all about technology.

    Another advantage that I'm sure they just love is the way they've now designed the literature to be read from tablets. They've got the scriptures right in there at the end of the chapter, conveniently removed from the context. Now there's much less chance of a JW getting bored at a meeting and reading the context of cited scriptures and realizing that they're misrepresenting the meaning.

  • joe134cd
    Yes I remember doing a bible reading from a computer print out because I could enlarge the script. Did I hear all about that after the meeting.
  • eyeuse2badub

    jw's are now a high tech religion. Yea it's an about face, but at least those who go to meetings can now check out the sports scores , ebay, instagram, etc. When I go that's exactly what I do and it sure makes the time pass. Thank you jehober!

    just saying!


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