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  • stillin

    I get funny looks when I say something like, " oh, you use the new push-button bible."

    as though it's any different.

    Funny thing is, studies have shown how electronic reading doesn't "retain" in the brain as well as reading from hard-copy. But the Witnesses don't notice because they aren't thinking much anyhow

  • exjwlemming

    When the first iPad came out, a brother had volunteered to perform a substitute talk in the theocratic school for another absentee brother that notoriously blew off his assignments. There were 3 schools at the time, but with all the no shows, we hardly had enough for a school and a half. Anyways, he was a "techie" and was the first person to use the iPad at the meetings. He prepared his talk in the library and used his iPad for his notes and some research. He arrived on the platform with his iPad and a Bible. Using his notes on the tablet and the Bible to read the verses, he did an exceptional job with only 15 min of prep. After the meetings, I worked the book counter (encouragement to reach out to be a MS). After most of the people left and while his wife waited in the car, I could overhere a couple of elders in the room next door. They were counseling him on the use of an electronic device during for his talk. You know....showy display of his way of life, making others feel that they need a tablet too, promoting the apple logo while holding the iPad off the podium, putting technology ahead of God's word...ect. I guess the elders got a power trip on putting him in his place. I felt bad for him. Now, the greater majority uses tablets and phones to access the pubs. The org caters to these devices through and encourages their use with service meeting parts. I guess he should have waited on the org. I'm 3 years into being fully faded. Can't come soon enough!

  • blondie

    *** km 11/99 p. 5 pars. 19-21 Use of the Internet—Be Alert to the Dangers! ***

    Study Aids via the Internet? Some have felt that they are rendering a service to the brothers by posting researched information in connection with various theocratic activities. For example, a person may do research based on a public-talk outline and then post this, thinking that such information will benefit those who need to prepare the same outline. Others will post all the scriptures for an upcoming Watchtower Study or provide source material for the Theocratic Ministry School or the Congregation Book Study. Some may offer suggestions for field ministry presentations. Are such really helpful?

    20 The publications provided by Jehovah’s organization stimulate our minds with upbuilding thoughts and train us “to distinguish both right and wrong.” (Heb. 5:14) Can we say that this is achieved if others do our research for us?

    21 The Beroeans were spoken of as “more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica.” Why? Because “they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11) Although Paul and Silas preached to them, they could not make the truth their own without becoming personally involved.

    *** km 12/12 p. 5 Our Official Web Site—Use It in Your Ministry ***

    Answer Questions: At times a householder, an interested person, or an acquaintance will ask a question about Jehovah’s Witnesses or our beliefs. Show him the answer on the spot, using a mobile device or a computer. It is often best to read the cited scriptures directly from the Bible. If you do not have ready access to the Internet, explain how the person can use to find the answer himself.—Go to “Bible Teachings/Bible Questions Answered” or “About Us/Frequently Asked Questions.”

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