The watchtower does not have the resources

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  • shepherdless

    I would love so much for that to be true.

  • slimboyfat

    Well has anyone got any better explanation?

    The fact is Gilead hadn't been covered in the literature for years. Where are the articles about class 140 or 141 for example? I can't find any. Yet the graduation of 143 was so important they had to cancel JW broadcast? Give me a break.

    Then they cancel January too. In past years they posted the annual meeting with no fuss. Now they need to cut the January broadcast to make it possible?

    Have we seen the last ever JW broadcast in November? Are there no insiders who can tell us what is really going on?

    Watchtower is winding down operations that's for sure.

  • sparrowdown

    I'm assuming production takes time. Maybe they're having some end of year downtime. Maybe they're between production or in the process of creating new content, changing the progam and using the end of the year to do it. Could be any number of reasons. I spose winding down operations for good could be one them.

  • slimboyfat

    Well whatever the reason, as usual, the "official" reason simply doesn't add up. Like with the closure of the book study, and so much else.

    Gilead wasn't considered important enough in recent years to even warrant mention in the yearbooks. And previous annual meetings have been posted and translated with no fuss. Only this year it causes a problem. Why?

    I think they've completely run out of money and/or have got some serious crisis going on at headquarters.

    By the way the 143rd class of Gilead had 48 students. Every single one was sent back to the country they came from as their "assignment". Not a single new missionary was created, nor has been for the last 7 years apparently. They couldn't afford to keep producing missionaries. Because Watchtower has been running out of money for a decade or more. Now it looks like they're completely broke.

  • Drearyweather
    And previous annual meetings have been posted and translated with no fuss.

    SBF, in how many languages was the 2016 Annual Meeting translated and in how many has the 2017 Annual meeting been translated?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I have a better idea.

    D O N 'T W A T C H A N Y O F I T


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Maybe the Governing Body is being over worked and might be thinking that they got too much on their plate to oversee these major public bull shit displays of their total insanity for the world to see and lawyers perhaps use in get more money for their clients from. The non budging two witness rule insanity being one of it's most ugliest that is going to bite them in the a$$$ big time.

    With the worldwide web as their launch pad for their sugar coated bull shit for members and interested ones to watch I think is back firing no matter how many copyrights they make.

    Maybe they are having a hard time for writers to come up with bull shit that makes the Governing Body all happified and shit so are begining to cut back at least on these very disturbing monthly broadcast for the world to see, and may faze them out like the WT and Awake mags. to just quarterly and then bi yearly.

    The less they say the more money they save in lawsuits because their public denial of wrong doing shows them to be heartless bastards for the courts to see.

    Could be under the advisement of legal council that they limit liability and stop making these a vilification fest on those that left or speak against corporate directives and have been disfellowshipped. I could think of a whole host of reasons for them to suspend making these with perhaps more scrutiny from legal department before releasing these to the public in the future as the WT in under siege with lawsuits getting more and more as we speak.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Yes I tend to agree this could be some very deep do do that the Corporation is in with legal problems mounting all the time and people leaving because of so much bad publicity on the world wide web. I'm sure contributions were way down for a long time before this big sell off of property.

  • slimboyfat

    Dreary I don't know exactly, at least a few. But the idea that the explanation offered for the cancellation of two broadcasts in a row is as given is risible.

    Even if it cost an absolute fortune to broadcast the Gilead graduation in different languages (which I don't believe) it still doesn't explain why it was such an urgent priority all of a sudden.

  • Incognito

    As WT is less than forthcoming in regard to presenting an audited financial statement to the public, financial difficulty is only speculation as are other reasons.

    Perhaps, they have run out of ideas for BS to present.

    Ex-JWs form a substantial segment of JW Broadcasting viewership. There are several review sites which scrutinize each program's content word-for-word. Misinformation and lies are highlighted as are changes to past doctrines. WT has attempted to have some of those sites shut-down, often unsuccessfully.

    How long would it take for JW Broadcast presenters to become disheartened and less than enthusiastic in taking their turn to present a monthly broadcast, when they know their every word is critiqued and scoffed at on a public forum?

    The audience for a broadcast (webcast) program is not restricted, unlike the audience at a Kingdom Hall or for private, closed circuit video content.

    With regard to costs, how substantial do you think production costs are for a 1X per month, 1+ hour 'talk' show using 2 cameras, featuring 1, maybe 2 non-talent staff people, within a news style set format that hasn't changed in several years use?

    For a brief explanation of content changes, see the initial 1:30 of the December 2017 video at the link below:

    December 2017 video

    It appears GB plan to regularly recycle talks they have already produced for other purposes.

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