The watchtower does not have the resources

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  • Finkelstein

    It would appear the WTS and its GB heads are moving into a sustainability mode, for themselves and all who live off the WTS. which has got to be into the thousands.

    Moving into a cheaper data information publishing organization is just a part of that transformation.

    If you were in their predicament would you do anything differently ?

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I would do things differently. With a bit of imagination and courage they could transform the organisation into its true potential: a prosperous, truth loving, freedom of thought preserving, community of believers and true friends.

  • pepperheart

    Yes i would get rid of the shunning and let all the people leave that wanted and then they would have a vast amount of money just by selling all the empty kingdom halls of

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    SBF: What you wrote earlier about changes that would allow you to return appealed to me on a level of personal sentiment and nostalgia for things past.

    Even some non-believers have stated that they are drawn to the pageantry and mystery certain church services offer. Why, even former Bethelite Tom Cabeen became Catholic. I do miss the camaraderie and spiritual atmosphere that was the center of my life for decades. As I wrote on your "Methodist" thread, it all began with my going to The First Methodist Episcopal Church as a child.

  • _Morpheus

    Pepper, your translation caculations are rediculious. Do you honestly think it takes ONE person to translate a talk i to a particular language and that ONE person is located at walkill and can translate the whole gilead program in the snap of a finger?

    You have absolutely zero concept as to what any sort of translating involves. It is a huge effort and takes a large investment of time. A single bilingual person CAN do it, but as a point of referance, it takes a si gle person about 4 hours to translate 20 min of cartoon from Japanese to english. 20 min of simple cartoon dialog. Now take that and extrapolate 3 or 4 hours of complex religious language that in many languages wont have exact words to match along with the need for exacting contextual meaning.

    This looks very much like (yet again) more wishful thinking. You drastically underestimated the needed labor to make seem as if the org lacks something cheap and inexpensive. Epic failure.

    Also slim, your estimate of a 1k videos seems rather short sighted. That would equate to 1k months (since they do one a month). At one a month that would be 83 years. Your on record as saying they are collapsing in 2 years. I call foul on that prediction.

  • Finkelstein

    So in conclusion the WTS does have the resources now, they have cut back on its expenses dramatically but still drawing enough to sustain itself.

    This may change of course and the fore long existence of this organization is questionable.

    The doctrines constructed by this religious publishing house to proliferate its literature are loosing their effectiveness and viability.

  • pontoon

    Everyone remember; the corporation is not honest and does not always tells the truth. We know that. So, all this is more speculation on why they don't have the resources which may be a lie to begin with.

  • Finkelstein

    True pontoon

    The WTS lies not only upon its doctrines but regarding money as well.

    Spiritual warfare may also involve telling half truths for support of the organization

    Case in point, the WTS heads claimed a couple of years ago that its was in dire need of money when in reality unbeknown by the flock that the WTS had been selling many of its branches around the world and some of its properties at its main HQ in Brooklyn New York.

    Its a religion but also a business.

  • pontoon

    True Finklestein is a corporate business, the "friends" are the corporation's customers, their product is false hope, to have their hope one has to be a member of one of the corporation's Kingdom Halls, for the corporation to have a KH in your neighborhood their has to be enough members to transfer enough $$$$$$ into the corporate account each month. Religion is the "front" that makes it work.

  • sparrowdown

    They're probably just taking some production time off for the holidays.

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