Protesters at today’s assembly on the news

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  • AudeSapere

    It was a brief but good clip and seemed to accurately capture people being who they are.

    Like I said, Mission Accomplished.

  • Doubter

    If you say so. You can have your truth.

  • dubstepped
    Well, Jehovah's Witnesses do have a history of silencing anyone they can, hiding the little men behind curtains, so what's one reporter. They can certainly turn her away if they want. It doesn't look good given the subject matter, but they are who we thought them to be. It's not exactly shocking.
  • Doubter

    If you believe accusations against you are false, you do more harm than good by debating them because you give them more, free publicity and keep them in the news longer than what they ought to be.

    What I’m saying is, you can only talk to yourself for so long before moving on to something else.

  • _Morpheus
    Meanwhile the current pope is being accused of running a defacto pedo ring
  • dubstepped

    If you say so Doubter. You can have your truth.

  • Doubter

    Lol - you want to interview JW representatives, popping up out of the bushes is definitely a way to denied. Coming with an army of opposers along side you, or coming at the behest of opposers won’t net anything.

    Reporters are chasing THEM down, not the other way round. So they would have to play by their rules, and allow them to control the interview.

    Since they refuse to give them control, they get snubbed. It’s really that simple.

  • sparrowdown

    Where exactly can anyone who has reasonable questions and concerns talk to WT reps or the GB and have an honest open discussion and be treated with dignity and respect ?

    Oh yeah, that's right NoOne, NOWHERE, NOT EVER! Because there is NO avenue for recourse for victims or opportun ity for reporters to ask questions with this group of religio-thugs!

    What about anyone who wants to praise up the Borg and repeat official statements?

    Come on in and get the love bombing and a grand tour.

  • steve2

    You cannot get invited to a public event because its public and you have a right to be there anyway. If you're a member of the public, you can be invited to a private event from which invitations can be revoked if the host chooses. Same applies if you are given an invitation in your capacity as a professional (e.g., journalist).

    That is why JW organization no longer calls the main Sunday talk a "Public Talk" because it wrongly connotes that it is held "in public" when it is not - rather it's a talk for the public held in a private venue.

    These distinction matter when perceived or actual lines are crossed.

  • Doubter

    Steve -


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