Poor Sisters

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  • rebel8

    I looooooved the talks about menstruation.

    I loved it when the bros would struggle to pronounce the word.

    Tell us it is because of Eve and how much more defective we are than penis people because she tempted him to sin. We must endure the punishment of periods and labor pains.

    How we are unable to mentally function when we were riding our cycles.

    That we need a bro to lead us because we are basically mindless blobs of tears and anger while the curse is upon us.

    How loving jehoopla is to have lifted the requirement to go off by ourselves as Unclean.

    How fantastic it is that jehoho lets us have this visual aid to let us know we are still making eggs.

    I especially loved it when they assigned these talks to the younger bros. I'm sure they did too.

  • TD

    To be fair, the JW's warped and utterly wrongheaded view of gender relations is a stick used to abuse everyone and exploit their deepest fears and weaknesses.

    There are jerks who thrive on this stuff, but my impression is many JW males are unhappy with it themselves.

  • Xanthippe

    Sometimes my daughter complains about patronising people and I just want to laugh and say you've no idea what it's like to be patronised within an inch of your sanity. Darryl since leaving I have never been treated that badly by a man, never.

  • raven
    REBEL8- You've got that right.. One day the org says women are an asset to the congregation, the next day they're saying we're weak and must be submissive.. Definitely true on the menstrual cycles and labor pains, ( I've thought about it, but not like how you worded it)
  • OrphanCrow


    So sisters are NOT allowed to have any positions of responsibility in the congregation and to direct men in any way, BUT form part of the 144,000 anointed remnant responsible for judging and RULING over ALL mankind, including men? Wait... am I missing something here???

    You're failing to consider that upon their resurrection to their heavenly award, HE [God] will make them perfect and those in heaven have no gender, thus they will have the balance of their brain* and thinking ability restored and be able to judge and rule with wisdom in perfection. For now they are gullible like their mother, Eve, and in their state of inherited sinfulness they are weaker and overly "emotional" (especially during ......well you know).
    * [reference to Sam Herd's talk on women]
    Don't tase me ladies. NOT my view. Just reiterating the views of the GB/WTS!

    Such a contradiction, isn't it?

    And, that whole thing about 'genderless' is bullshit - the depictions in the illustrations always show the 144,000 as male and only male. I guess when Jehobah 'perfects' them that the perfect gender will be male.

    The women being allowed admittance to that privileged class was, I believe, a way that the early women in the movement, with influence in the society, were appeased. They had no 'real' power other than their financial donations, and they were handed the golden ticket to keep them happy. I am thinking of those women who Russell named in his will and who he referred to as "his bride" or..."the bride of Christ". And the wealthy women who were JWs - like the Heath women - one married to the Coca Cola tycoon and another married to the president of the World Bank. Those women and women like them. Money but the wrong anatomical makeup. So...they got to drink the wine and get the promise of being made over into men who rule with Christ

  • LisaRose

    At first I bought into the whole "women should be submissive " thing, but as I got older it started to just feel wrong. In the working world I was as respected as any man and paid as well, then I would go to the kingdom hall and be treated as less than because I was female, it just didn't make any sense.

  • OrphanCrow
    rebel8: How we are unable to mentally function when we were riding our cycles

    hahaha! I love this one.

    They overlook the biological fact that when a woman is PMSing, that she is the most like a man in hormone production. The reason we are unable to function mentally...is because we function like men at that time!!!!

  • TD

    That theory is outdated and frankly insulting to women when you think it through....

  • OrphanCrow

    Yeah, TD, you're right. It doesn't matter how you word it or look at it...it is insulting to women

  • TD

    Yeah, the whole Eve / Pandora / Women are easily deceived / Man is God's glory / Men rise above their base natures because they are the only ones who can schtick is about as patronizing as it gets,

    --Problem is, it is so subtly embedded in our culture (still) that it's like shoveling back the ocean with a fork :-)

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