Poor Sisters

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  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    The justification of the "headship arrangement" (barf) is that husbands are in subjection to Jesus. Why, husbands are held to an even higher standard--wives are getting off easy! Of course a husband's headship is someone he never has to look at, talk to, sleep with, eat with, or interact with in any way that impacts his physical day-to-day life but it's still totally the same thing! A wife shows subjection by providing housekeeping services, bedroom services, letting him make all the rules and never bitching about anything. A husband shows his subjection to Christ by...um..?

  • TD
    A husband shows his subjection to Christ by...um..?

    In JW land it's via the implicit idea that if he's not at least a Ministerial Servant he's a failure among his peers and no woman will have him. A JW male can either accept that fact (..which is not altogether untrue as loss of social status in any closed group does have observable repercussions..) or he can participate in the system.

    Choosing the latter means submitting to a never-ending succession of burdens that he may not want; may not have any natural talent for and take time away from his wife,his children and his life that he'll never get back. Choosing the latter means submitting to dressing downs administered by CO's who have become expert at it and are therefore no less colorful for their lack of profanity. Choosing the latter means submitting to petty church politics, cow-towing and just generally kissing the rear ends of men he may actively dislike or even hate.

    Seriously, the JW's are miserably patriarchal, but they are at the same time, equal opportunity abusers :-)

  • cofty

    Well said TD.

    Women are patronised in the cult but they have a much easier life than men do.

    This thread reminds me of this meme...

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