Poor Sisters

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  • FayeDunaway

    I really hope the most powerful person in the world will soon be female. And I hope when that happens, more 'sisters' decide they aren't going to take that crap anymore. We have moved from ancient times when muscle mass was important to prove ones strength to be the leader. It is still that way in wolf packs, lion prides, gorilla families. Among humans, when societies use their brains to test leadership instead of braun, is when they advance. Patriarchal societies are the least peaceful. When women are equal (or greater) there is less war and more education. When is the GB going to wake up and realize the leadership of women? It's happening all around them.

  • Sevan

    Smiddy, that is Sam Herd's talk. That is the same talk where he talks about how women's brains are smaller than men's brains and that women don't have the brain capacity to lead and are overly emotional. Then in the *same* talk, he told sisters that are smarter than their husband to play dumb. So one minute sisters are too dumb to lead and the next they are smarter than their husbands and should play dumb so as not to insult their fragile egos.

    I remember that talk. Sam came to the Cow Palace in San Francisco and gave that talk sometime either 2006 or 2007 at a convention I went to. Sam Herd and Stephen Lett especially love coming to Cali for Circuit Assemblies and Conventions. We get some of the other GB members from time to time, but we've had those two a bunch of times.

    Anyway, that was one of many talks and articles over the years that made me really mad or that I could see was unbiblical and illogical.

    Yet, you have to understand the cognitive dissonance and the high stakes of leaving. It has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with FOG (fear, obligation and guilt) and personal relationships. I just kept hoping they would change and kept telling myself that I should "wait on Jehovah." I let myself believe that I could take the good reminders and ignore the bad. That I didn't have to believe everything to still benefit and be of benefit as a JW. Recently, I realized that the GB was not going to change and that "waiting on Jehovah" was an exercise in futility as Jehovah is in no way involved in this organization. That is why I left. Thanks to all apostates that helped me leave. You really are doing good work!

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    "I really hope the most powerful person in the world will soon be female" FayeDunaway dixit.

    Forget your hope because already now females are as powerful as men, even much more in many, many, many aspects. One mere example : Can you imagine a man giving birth to a babe without passing out !!!

    Another example : they usually live much longer then men....... finally, the man owes his long domination over woman at his natural aggressiveness (wars and so on....).

    Without women men are dead for ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sevan

    And for any Bay Area residents:

    Yes I know the Cow Palace is technically in Daly City, but I said San Francisco for the benefit of non-residents. Close enough.

  • Magwitch
    how about that snot nose 16 year old kid that you used to watch crawl around the kingdom hall. Now that little shit has gotten baptized and now he's telling you what to do

    You hit a nerve Darryl. My ex husband studied with that snot nosed teenage kid, even bringing him to baptism....All the while, he was constantly in my home. I cooked and cleaned for the little punk and entertained him on a regular basis so he would feel part of a family. He was a little slow, but I loved him like one of my own. Fast forward 15 years and he was on the committee that disfellowshipped me. I had no idea the pimply kid had even hit puberty.

  • raven

    Yikes seriously? I completely agree with whats been said. As far as Sam Herd's talk, I do remember him saying something also along the lines of how the women are all the "weaker vessel".

    The way the org words these topics is just bizarre. Thank goodness I am out, no more dealing with misogynist elders (at least in my ex hall) eager to hear my sex experiences while calling me in for a Judicial Committee... "Now where did he touch you to be exact, was there any penetration?" * Mind you one of the elders in my JC interrogating me was also the "16 year old punk" - What a bunch of perverts.

  • FedUpJW

    Another example : they usually live much longer then men.......

    That's because we have to put up with women.

    Now before you all jump on the lynch wagon, that was an old joke from many years ago, and I only hoped to bring a grin to someones face, and a groan from the rest.

    Carry on!

  • LongHairGal

    Yeah, looking back in retrospect, the religion is hostile to women....I worked and was not raised a Witness, so I had self-esteem. This religion was not robbing me of it, regardless of all that 'weaker vessel' stuff!

    The fact is that the bible talks about the "capable wife". However, I never got the sense that JW men could deal with a capable woman and, in fact, wanted IN-capable women. How pathetic!

    Even though there are a few educated /career type women in the JW religion here and there, they have a tough time of it.

    I knew I would never be "approved" by the Witnesses since I held down a job. But, I had myself to worry about so I ignored their worthless opinions and unlike other women there, I was not seeking anybody's approval.

    I also learned to keep my business to myself since I saw that other women who blabbed their business to elders ended up being disrespected.

    Having some idiot tell me MY business is not something I ever tolerated, whether it was some young upstart former snot-nose OR some ignorant older man. I was not their wife or their daughter and they sure as hell were not supporting me or looking out for MY best interest or future!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    What do you expect from a religion, i.e. Christianity, that says:

  • Mum

    This is a topic that gets me going! I know that, as a JW, I had been brainwashed into a false consciousness. I was good at all the "womanly" things I was called upon to do - baking a cake, cleaning the toilets, playing hostess to some prominent local JW's, and generally being slavish.

    At some point, I started watching "The Phil Donahue Show." Dr. Wayne Dyer was one of his guests. I found Dr. Dyer's philosophy interesting, so I bought and read his first book, Your Erroneous Zones. After reading that book, there was no going back for me. I came to realize that I was just as significant as anyone else, that it was okay to question anything, and to accept differences as mere social conditioning, not "evil."

    I realize that much of what Dr. Dyer said should have been perfectly obvious to anyone. But it wasn't to me. It took me about a year to summon the courage, help and resources to escape. That was in 1979. Life has become quite an adventure since then.

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