5 Steps to be a good cop inside the congregation...

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  • hardtobeme

    How many of you did this steps to keep the congo clean?

  • JWdaughter
    So, getting caught at a J. Rutherford memorial convocation is enough to get you disciplined. Who knew? I could have turned my mom, aunts and uncles in with a little ammo from our camping/hunting/fishing trips as a child. Man, give kids some power, why don'tcha??
  • Divergent
    Most likely scenario: Confront friend, friend refuses to meet with elders, tell the elders, elders meet with friend, friend is disfellowshipped, seat is empty at the KH
  • hardtobeme
    That's what I thought. There is something odd on the last picture. No discipline. That is really strange...
  • smiddy

    Scene 1 : False friend spies on true friend

    Scene 2 :False friend confronts true friend with accusation , true friend see`s false friend for what she is.

    Scene 3 :False friend blabs to the elders.

    Scene 4:Elders call a J.C. committee.on true friend

    Scene 5: True friend , I`ll bide my time , nobody`s perfect , I`ll get that bitch yet.


  • Divergent

    Right on, Smiddy

    Also, take note on the emphasis on what is considered to be "appropriate dressing". The "spiritually weak" sister went from a sleeveless top & a sleeveless dress to a modest, full-sleeved dress!

  • Dunedain

    True friendships foundation is based on "ratting" each other out. Doesnt everyone know this? I mean, all true friendships, come "full circle", once you rat on your friend to the Elders, ESPECIALLY because YOU werent invited to that drinking party. That should be ME in those pictures on Facebook, DAMMIT.

    I know what to do, i will tell on her to the Elders, then once there is another drinking party, you better beleive she will invite me. See, look at picture 5, it all worked out. We are sitting next to each other, today at the meeting, cause tonight we will be "drinking it up". Thanks Watchtower, you always know whats "best".

    Thats why the "strong" sister is wearing green, she is green with envy. While the "weak" sister is in pink, she is tickled pink to be drinking.

  • Bugslife
    Unfortunately I did 😔
  • blondie

    When my husband was an elder, a group of young jws were having parties at an apartment rented by 3 twenty-something male jws.

    The elders tried to scare one or more to tell on the others using the good cop bad copy technique they say on tv telling them that one had told on them and if they told they would receive a lesser punishment (no one had told). No one told on others and said nothing and the elders were blocked. Now that was almost 15 years ago and jw teens are even less susceptible to this.

    I have seen a sister get pregnant by a certain brother who denied having anything to do with it; he got off because only one witness, the sister that he was the father. She was df'd. A DNA was not admissible because the "father" would not give permission.

  • DarioKehl

    F**king cult.


    I hope & wish the GB would die in a fire. All of them. I'd shed not a tear, but instead bask in jubilant Schadenfreude. No, really... I 100% mean that. I would be happified.

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