Do You Ever Have Dreams You’re Still a JW?

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I have dreamt once that I was at an international convention, on the platform with a mike in my hand, being interviewed (dont know what the question was). But I heard myself telling everyone about the CSA cover-ups, Kingdom hall mergers and sell-offs, family ripped apart coz of shunning.I threw the book at them and no one stopped me. Felt elated and at the end of it, many clapped. I was shaking with fear. woke up all shook-up, felt strange.

    By the way, my spewings were being translated too !

    This was the one off n never again.


  • sd-7

    Yes, I've had these recurring dreams. The last one I had, I was out in the recruiting work, going from door to door. The people I met were actually pretty nice, but I had this nagging feeling that something was terribly wrong. Usually I'm just in the audience at a meeting or assembly or what have you. Other times I'm arguing with my mom, or an elder, about doctrine, and it bleeds over into my waking moments for a little while.

    My therapist suggested I try to take control in the dream. I had another, different recurring dream while I was still on the inside, and that strategy worked. (Usually the other recurring dream was terrifying, and invoked fear of being possessed by a demon. From trying to have sex with me, to attempting to take over my mind, to offer me what I assumed were magic spells on a computer screen, it was always weird. I'd always pray in the dream, and it would go away. But eventually, in the dream, I fought it off myself, and it went away. I never had the dreams again, after that.) Perhaps it's a tricky thing to do while you're asleep, but I'm curious to see if I can accomplish the same thing again. Cue 'Inception' music.


  • Finkelstein

    No not once in 40 years

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I'm PIMO, but I did have kind of a "prophetic" dream when I was a preteen. We were at a meeting and found out that the religion is a lie. Everyone in the hall knew it and most people walked out. Everybody was shocked. I don't remember exactly how we found out. Dreams are funny that way. All I remember is that all at once, everyone at the meeting that day got exposed to TTATT, and this was way back before I knew anything about it. I remember waking up thinking that something like that could never happen in real life. I guess deep down inside I knew all along.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was the Theocratic School Overseer for many years. I don't remember dreams shortly after waking, but this one gave me at least a vague memory of the dream that I retained. I was "conducting the school" and it was a real clusterf%^k of a meeting with people not showing up for their part in the meeting and some kind of interruptions.

    That's as much as I can remember, but I was always prepared to discuss the entire content of the meeting with the congregation if someone did not show up, so I am sure there was some of that in there.

  • geevee

    Thank god I am not the only one!! Thanks for all the comments. I do occasionally have a dream of being at a meeting or assembly. I know I should n't be there... I know it is all wrong!

    In one we were at a big convention and when I went out of the auditorium I looked up and there was a massive space ship, huge and I went in and tried to get them all to come out and look! That would have sorted some of them out, but most weren't interested! Typical!!

    We been out since 2005!

  • iwantoutnow

    YES, well Kinda.

    I have dreams about Assemblies mostly (very strange ones), and sometimes ones at my old hall. I am not a JW, but sometimes know one knows it for some reason.

    Sometimes I have Talks, and I am wondering how can I give a talk if I am shunned?

    One that sticks out, was at the Jersey City Assembly Hall, and I had the public talk (which I have had), and I have to check into the Convention office with the CO. The Stanley turns into this maze of connecting rooms and offices, and I am wandering around "in jeans" looking for the CO and trying to avoid people I know. I get the OK but I am freaked out because I was not told who I introduce after me. Also I apparently am not really prepared on my talk...

    It was very very lifelike when I had it, and very strange. Ended when I was giving the talk, and then walked off a set of steps right into the audience. The Place I was in didnt resemble the Stanley except for colors inside.

    So bizarre.

    I have very bizarre JW dreams in general, a mish mosh of stuff.

  • truthseeker

    Yes I do. What's interesting is that the JWs are shunning me when I dream I'm going to the Kingdom Hall.

    Some dreams are so real.

  • JayDubyaDotOrg

    I'm PIMO so I actually dream of things in the opposite direction.. of when I was disfellowshipped and happily smoking.

    I only went back for a woman.. didn't work out in the end and I've been stuck here ever since.. oh well, back to the dreaming.

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