Do You Ever Have Dreams You’re Still a JW?

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  • jp1692

    Last night I dreamt I was at a Circuit Assembly; I even had a walk-on speaking part early in the morning program. I spent the rest of the day “working” the event in a security detail. The dream lasted until the entire day’s program was over.

    There was even some discussion that I should probably attend another assembly since I missed so much of the program “working.”


    I left the religion almost ten years ago and haven’t been to a meeting in over five. And yet—every once in a while—I still have dreams that I’m at a meeting, an assembly or a convention.

    Frequently in these dreams, I’m a speaker. Sometimes I’m in the audience and I hear my name announced from the platform that I’m to give the next part. In these dreams, I never know this until it happens; it’s totally unexpected and catches me by surprise: I don’t have my notes and I frequently don’t have a jacket on. I’m shocked and completely unprepared! It’s a very unsettling feeling. (FYI: I was an elder for over 20 years and had many meeting parts and more than a few assembly parts.)

    Again, weird.

    Has anyone else here had these kinds of dreams?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I have occasional dreams that I'm with my JW mates.

    And in my dream, I sometimes think to myself 'should I tell them I don't believe it? Should I tell them it's a load of crap?' - I never do.

  • flipper

    HEY JP- How are you doing ? Oh yeah, I still occasionally have dreams that I'm in the JW cult meetings at times. And I haven't been to a meeting in almost 16 years . And like your dreams, I'm either a speaker, or I'm among the audience trying to convince JW's, especially my two JW daughters that the whole WT organization is bogus and they are all being lied to. I've even had dreams where I'm giving talks telling them there's no such thing as " everlasting life " , and that every human who has ever lived has died !

    So most all of the dreams I've had regarding JW stuff I'm there at the kingdom hall or assembly hall, but in all the dreams I am NOT a believer. I'm trying to enlighten or talk with these JW's about how they are being deceived. So I'm still an activist in my dreams exposing the cult, just inside their own buildings. Lol.

    Dreams are weird, but very helpful I've found. I've been logging my dreams in a journal since December of 2010. At present, I have 768 pages of dreams from over 8 years. I believe it's a healthy thing to pay attention to our subconscious messages. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sparky1

    I left Bethel in 1976. For many years I had recurring dreams about signing up for Bethel again. In the dream I would sign up, be excited about going, put my affairs in order, go there and within 1 day of my arrival be filled with regret, anxiety and dread over what I had done. The dream haunted me for years up until about 8 or 9 years ago. Now I am never tortured about such nonsense.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    it always amazes me how many ex-bethelies there are / have been on this site.


    I have many dreams where I see my deceased mom and deceased cousin at the meetings. They wave at me but never do I talk to my mom or my cousin. I sit in the back and tell myself that I don't belong here ( just like it was in real life where I hated every minute of every meeting).

    The Kingdom Hall seems larger with so many new members I do not recognize. Everything seems different. My mind tells me to leave and I walk out. My dreams seem to tell me that I did well by walking out 7 years ago.

  • punkofnice

    Yes I do. Even though I've left the jobos behind. I am usually in a grey suit and about to give a talk even though everyone knows I'm DA'd. I think it tells me that I've won. The jobos have no hold on me. Fantastic.

  • blondie

    I do have dreams sometimes about my abusive past as a child, but not about the KH. I have no fear of ever going back or being convinced by others to go back. It has been complete that they have no power over me through, fear, obligation and guilt (FOG).

  • cleanideas

    OK everyone lets be clear, these aren't dreams, they are NIGHTMARES!!! HAHA! I have them too. Been out for almost 20 years and I sill get sucked into showing up at a meeting when I fall asleep. It follows a similar pattern, everyone knows I'm no longer a JW, and I stand up for myself that's it's a cult. I really wish I didn't have ANY dreams about the cult, I'm hoping one day they stop. Now that they are doing that awful cart witnessing I can't get away from them, in my neighborhood sitting in chairs next to a cart, next to the train station I take to get to work in the morning, and then again at the downtown building I work at with that damn cart. No wonder I still have nightmares, I can't fully escape them! UGH!

  • blondie
    Correct, cleanideas, nightmares are more appropriate. I have some control over my nightmares if they occur. If asked to go the meeting, I have a pithy response to use in my nightmare. No jw control over me in my waking life or sleeping life.

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