Using Watchtowers Own Reasoning Against Them RE: The Governing Body

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  • venus
    pale.emperor made the first half and littlerockguy made the second half.—What a perfect reasoning, as though scoring a hat trick. Hats off to you both. Now I really feel for JWs. They believe in something 100%, and untruthfulness of it can never occur to their minds. And this is true of any ism and religion. Only an outsider can see its flaws. In other words truth exists in all religions and isms scattered. Hence there is no point in getting struck with one religion or ism; but one should go beyond all and look at them as though viewing the valleys from a mountain top.
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    That illustration always bothered me.

    How many children woud need to die before the teacher stepped in and stopped the "experiment" and deemed it a fail?

    If God was really settling an argument about letting humans rule themsves then he shouldn't have interfered with a flood. (I know it didnt happen but bear with).

    What if one of those who drowned was the one person who could have risen up to rule fairly, wisely and unite all mankind to end injustice, poverty and war. God killed them.

    If God reads hearts so well and he wouldn't have drowned this one person why save Noah (and drown innocent animals) which achieved diddly squat?

    If this was really all true the first death (Abel) should have been the end of the experiment.

  • sparrowdown

    The GB talks out of both sides of their collective bottom.

  • venus
    Amelia Ashton

    That illustration always bothered you because the Issue of the Sovereignty was never raised. If it were true, then the supposed way of handling by God would only further heap reproach on God's name. How an unwise way of handling! It proves that unrelated parities should suffer if there there is some disagreement between two persons.

    In fact one can easily reject first four chapters of Genesis because chapter 5 begins like this: "This is the written account of Adam’s family line." This would mean preceding chapters are somebody's imagination.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    A brilliant illustration to reason with JW', Pale Emperor.

    Sadly - with all due respect to r&f JW's - the Borg forbids JW's from reasoning or having discussions with anyone which conflict with the "slave's" teachings. Reasoning on the Bible with non-JW's is a no-no. JW's are even instructed never to accept/examine another denomination's literature - but the Writing Committee at H.Q. does.

    They already have the "truth", so why listen to something different?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Nice one Pale Emperor!

    I'm sure the GB and their elders cronies would be quick to mark Jones in such a situation.

    (Pun intended ;-)

  • fastJehu
    Something occurred to me today. Quite randomly as i was working away at my desk i remembered an illustration from the Bible Teach book in which Satan claimed he knew better than Jehovah about ruling mankind. Here's the illustration from Chapter 11.

    This illustration would not longer work with an chemistry class and chemical formulas on the board.

    With this argument, I will not attack the godlike governing body and a JW may think about this wrong illustration.

    Still a brilliant illustration pale.emperor

  • TerryWalstrom

    In a Science lab, the teacher who allows a "rebellious" student to blow up the classroom for "teaching moment" is a monster.
    Those who have rebelled against Jehovah believe they are right and learn exactly nothing at the point of death.
    Proving you know better to inferior creatures whom you kill is not exactly the perfect illustration of Divine Wisdom.
    So...there is that.

    As far as the O.P. question about the G.B.?

    G.B. is self-defined as a conduit, a channel of communication, not unlike a drain pipe from heaven. These men are vessels; delivery systems for heavenly messages. This is their delusion, It is the service they're selling.

    Being "right" or being "wrong" about doctrine is unprovable because this sort of "Truth" is solely in the mind of God.
    Making predictions based on guesswork about chronology is repeatedly falsifiable.
    The failures of the Faithful Slave from the time of Pastor Russell have actually been rather BESIDE THE POINT, haven't they?
    The Watchtower is all about loyalty--not proof.
    Various Governing Bodies have been clogged drains of error repeatedly and they still rule serially without nullification.


    Being Right isn't what it is all about.
    Being Loyal, Obedient, and in Power is the game.
    PLEASE REVIEW THE 48 LAWS of POWER for insight
    see below

  • venus

    In either way it would backfire on GB. If someone raises an issue against the way in which GB handles certain things they have two option—either to copy God or go in opposite direction

    First option is to disfellowship (which again is not a theocratic way of handling, according to their own teaching)

    Second option is to permit the accuser to prove his point (which is against their own organizational procedure)

  • Diogenesister

    Good point. Probably one of the reasons they got rid of the Bible Teach book ( although I have a feeling, I may be wrong, they've printed something similar in a Watchtower. Blondie might know)

    You should do a vid on this P.E.

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