How can angels be sexually attracted to women?

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  • RubaDub

    Think of how difficult it is for humans with a sex drive to be sexually attracted to animals.

    Island Man ...

    Some people actually are attracted to young animals, such as sheep. In my opinion, it is disgusting.

    If the animal has not reached the age of consent, it should not be touched.

    Rub a Dub

  • jws

    This story is ridiculous if you have any critical thinking skills. I tried to argue this with a religious friend of mine (also an ex-JW). He just gave me looks like I was stupid for not just accepting the story at face value.

    Matthew 22:20 says that at the resurrection, there will be no more marriage because people will be like angels. Implying what? And all of the angels are theoretically males. So does that mean at the resurrection, everybody will have penises? Or that angels don't get married? Or that they're sexless?

    I used exactly those same arguments. Hormones drive our sexual urges. Eunuchs aren't lustful because they don't have the testosterone producing organs. In order for the angels to sexually lust, they would have had to have hormones. Now why would God create them with hormones? And in an all-male population to boot? Or was gay sex OK among angels? That question got a dirty look from my friend. Furthermore, if the angels had sex but weren't allowed to marry (like in Matthew 22:20) does that mean they were living in sin?

    My friend also believes these faked pictures on the internet of giant skulls and thinks it's proof of the Nephilim. And for more detail, he goes to the apocryphal book of Enoch. Which sheds more light on the story and goes into detail about the names of the angels involved, etc. Now this book was rejected as part of the Bible, but he thinks this is telling the story and believes it anyway.

    But it puts the height of the Nephilim (the offspring of angels and women) at either 300 cubits or 300 els. And there's some debate on the length of an el and whether it was translated properly. But basically it puts the Nephilim at something between 300 - 3000 feet tall. Or about 50-500 times the size of a person. Which is way beyond the size of these fake skulls, so he's willing to take that as exaggerated - but not the rest. LOL!

    And I argued the square/cube rule. Which basically says that for something that's 50 times taller than a human, it would have to be 50 times wider and 50 times deeper too. So it wouldn't weigh 50 times more than a human, it would weigh 50 x 50 x 50 times as much or about 125,000 times as much. So a 200 lb 6 foot man scaled up to 300 feet would weigh 25 million pounds. Which the cross section of those bones couldn't support. Basically there's a reason larger animals don't look like us. They have MUCH thicker bones. This Nephilim wouldn't be a man of renown, he'd be a cripple who couldn't stand up without breaking his legs.

    Also, what's a baby? About 18 inches. Times 50 would be 75 foot tall. How is a woman supposed to give birth to a 75-foot tall baby?

    The whole thing is ridiculous. Obviously thought up by men who were telling a tale as a plot point for a story. And 4 or 5 thousand years ago, it made sense.

  • Awakenednow

    Maybe it has to do with sex without emission? ?The fallen angels (sons of god) fell by seminal emission.? Intercourse wasn't the issue, it was the seed. And mixing their DNA with humans beneath them. Why does the Bible make such a big deal in the Old Testament about the sexual emission? Kinda weird, but I did some research into the word fornication and some trace it to ejaculation, especially in the tantric and alchemical mystery religions. Perhaps angels are horny alien dudes after ancient aliens on history channel describes. Why are all the mythical pantheon of gods so sexual and promiscuous ? And what's with the virgin pregnancies....? Idk. but all the above theories are fun to read...thanks for the stimulating afternoon😇

  • jwleaks

    How can angels be sexually attracted to women?

    Ummm . . . Victoria's Secret Angels.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Psychological projections of horny human writers is how this plot forms. Humans in those days did not know any thing about DNA, brain functions, hormones, and what not,, so for them to project their own desires onto spirit beings that think and act like humans would be appropriate due to the state of common human understanding at the time and forget about all that holy spirit malarkey writing in an ancient book for a future generation thousands of years future.

    The writing reflects where the human imagination was at the time and not 100% factual.

    Just like the American song God Bless America reflects the times that these political documents were first produced not 100% factual but give the sediments of the writer and what God or Deity he speaks of blessing his home country.

  • Saethydd

    I've questioned that particular detail since I was a still-in-the-org teenager, it makes no sense to me that Angels would be any more sexually attracted to human women than God himself would be, (though according to the New Testament he did knock up a virgin) the only thing that kind of makes sense is that they desired to create life, but that still begs the question: why use human woman to do it? They clearly had the ability to create human bodies. So what would have stopped them from making the Nephilim or some other race of beings that is superior to mankind?

  • sparrowdown

    Oh cooome ooon!

    Have you seen us and felt us? We're all smooth and soft and roundy.

  • Heaven

    Without certain physical attributes, there are many religious ideologies that crumble when applying physical properties and physiology to a spirit being.

    In the case of sex, without certain glands, such as adrenal and endocrine to produce hormones, it's 100% bogus that any sort of sex drive or sexual arousal is going to happen.

  • stuckinarut2

    This story also fails because it is based on the premise that human sexuality is more enjoyable than being a divine being in the heavens !

    As amazing as sex might be, surely life as a mighty spirit being would supersede or override that?

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