How can angels be sexually attracted to women?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    It a matter of psychological projection of ones own sexual desire onto some imaginary/invisible evil person like the one they are in denial of. So that to me seems to be the reason for these biblical demonic forces to take human form male looking form with a nice fat cock ready to stuff the first hot virgin he can get his hands and pump it full of hot semen. A Freudian slip in story telling if you would also have it explained where the mythology take shape over eons of time .

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    SlappySlap: "How can human be sexually attracted to animals ? I can't understan[d] it, yet it's possible."

    Yes, it's possible - but still relatively rare - because humans have a sex drive as opposed to sexless angels that don't.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Also as regards story telling in written ancient forms can hardly be viewed as factual event reporting except by only the most nieve reader who loses himself in imagining these are hard core facts of truth with on the spot live on the scene reporting of events. And benevolently put to writing for mankind's salvation by belief in this book writings as true and then granted life in some other type of utopia for the believer/indoctrinated to spend eternity/reward for obedience to hiarchy in charge of manuscripts/Gardians Of the Doctrines granting them rulership over the faithful believer.

  • Sorry

    Weirdly enough, the public talk mentioned this today. About how the angels fell into temptation, and if they can, any of us can. I read this thread before the meeting, so I had to try my hardest not to laugh.

  • Heartsafire

    How can angels be attracted to women?

    Cuz boobs. *mic drop*

    Ok, ok. I'm assuming this question is hypothetical and you are aware that most stories within the Bible are not historically accurate and some texts are Jewish fables that teach lessons in morality and whatnot. That being the case, yes, it is far fetched that an angel would "materialize" a body (funny the WT says materialized and not created because that is what it would actually be...creating a living breathing thing) and then these angels in mansuits would marry tons of earth dwelling women just to make powerful, Demi-god babies. Hmmmm...sounds like some other stories I know of. Pagan ones.


    """"If it's possible for Satan to turn himself into a talking snake, then anything is possible."""""

    Did Satan actually do this?? ?

    Also as spirits, do they have any "form" at all ? Why would they need any form - legs arms bollocks....etc The more you contemplate it the more absurd it gets~

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I think it's this free will thing God gave us. The angels had free will too. Don't you think the angels looked down at humans having sex and thought hey, I want to have sex too. God gave me free will, well heck, I am going to use it. Humans have all the fun.

    Why do you think the 144,000 are not going to be defiled by sex because they are going to be eunuch's so they won't be tempted by the daughters of men. This also dispels the Jw version of who the 144,000 really are. The number is literal and so is the fact the will not have had sex.

    I don't know whether this story is true or not or the Bible written by men inspired by God, but there are some good lessons in there on how we can get along on earth with all the differences we all have.

    That story about the angels and humans just goes to show sex is as natural as breathing. It's common to all species of life and even spirits.

    Maybe the better question is how can women be sexually attracted to angels. Didn't they see their wings. Wow they must have been very clever and most of all great eye candy.


  • smiddy

    My question is how can a spiritual Angel for thats what he is right ? produce sperm that impregnates a human female so that she gives birth to an offspring .?

    If an Angel can take on the form of a human whats the difference from what Jehovah created in the garden of Eden ?

    Are they creators also ?

    Is that who God /Jehovah was referring to when he said in Gen 3 :22 "the man has become like one of us "

    His peers ? his equals ? other Gods ?

  • tor1500


    Just a thought here. When God created man and woman, don't think they were sexual yet, they were busy doing who knows what. But eventually he/God said be fruitful and fill the earth. So I think that is when God put the sexual attraction into Adam and Eve. This he never told to the angels. Maybe we are made like them but we have permission to have sex.

    Niw how these certain angels grew male sexual organs, as Flip Wilso said. The devil made me do it. If Satan can be a snake he can produce sexual organs too. And Satan told his angels to be fruitful and multiply too, because he too wants more of his soldiers on earth.

    Whats the score?

    God: trillions

    satan: to be determined


  • stuckinarut2

    The mysongenistic male focussed nature of the ancient times stands out in this story. - "Women were to be USED by males."

    Why didn't some of the angels take on a female form and have sex with the males on earth??

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