Are the 2015 Belgium Concert for Delegates and Kingdom Hall Cowboy Footloose Videos on Youtube for real?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm guessing the cowboy vid is showing a congregation in Texas.

    I'm from England - we don't have Stetsons or line dancing.

    What type of dancing would the WT think is culturally appropriate for England? Morris dancing?

  • Rosemarie

    You all and I have every right to be angry and upset with the society,I'm not missing the point.

    especially over the blood fractions issue, which I personally don't think are wrong.

    Yet when something good and balanced happens be glad for the brothers and sisters still trying to endure .

    what was shocking was the previous behaviourn not this behaviour and enjoyment.

    we need to be balanced otherwise legitimate serious complaints , as that poor brothers unnecessary death due to lack of blood fractions.

    im just calling for balance

    jehovah has full intention of disciplining his people because of the way they have treated us.

  • Alive!

    Rosemarie - I'm interested in your comments.

    Who is Jehovsh going to discipline?

    The GB? Does that follow that he will discipline those who support the GB by going to meetings, distributing their writings and doctrines?

    So the JWs who endure 'the way they are being treated' and also continue to recruit others into this way of life or show support by their presence etc - are these beyond discipline?

    Look, I know the JWs are in a mess, confused and generally spiritually beaten up - from the BEGINNING, from the days of CT Russell they have been exposed to spiritistic teachings, crazy false prophecies ( resurrection of old prophets to live at purpose built mansion in San Deigo) and wickedly, have never been allowed to question each new teaching.

    I understand, everyone deserves some light relief - it's just, it's almost like another 'new light' - coming out of nowhere, suddenly dancing, yelping and so on is OK. Our music now mimics mainstream wordly churches - after years of saying their style was disrespectful and encouraged emotionalism.

    I'm not beng sour grapes - I just makes me shake my head. :-)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    At another wedding a few years later, a few brothers and me danced on a stage with make-up and the well known cleaning supplies from Queen's "I want to break free". At that occasion, one elder came to me, laughing, and said: "It was on the edge, actually a little bit over it." But no big deal really. They seem to acknowlege that it's healthy to let off some steam now and then

    I's no big deal to ME it never was, but according to THEIR OWN teachings and directives NOT OURS , the Kingdom Hall is NOT a place to let off steam. It's Jehovah's house of pure worship. That's what millions of us were taught and we lived with it no matter how dull it was. Now suddenly, it's ok to blow off steam inside the Kingdom Hall and dance to "worldly" music on the Platform...the same Platform where "spiritual truths" are taught. "Spiritual Truths" that condemn the world and it's many forms of entertainment.

    im just calling for balance

    jehovah has full intention of disciplining his people because of the way they have treated us.

    How does anyone really know for sure what Jehovah is or isn't going to do?? I've had a lifetime of hearing people claiming to know what God wants or doesn't want or what he is or isn't going to do and no matter what, it always turns out that God is going to whatever they think he should do. Sorry to be blunt but I just can't stomach it when people make unverifiable, unprovable claims like this. They come off sounding as if they think they are on some kind of inside track with God when it reality, like the rest of mankind, they haven't a clue what God is going to do next or if he even exists.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Years ago the Society implied that the Lindy, with its measured steps, was an acceptable dance for couples.

    Well, as I recall, my inference was that its restraint made it all right for Christians. The clip of this dance is restraint personified. You be the judge.


  • Wild_Thing
    jehovah has full intention of disciplining his people because of the way they have treated us.

    1. Jehovah's Witnesses are not "his people".

    2. If we start wishing harm upon them like they wish harm upon us, we are no better than they are.


  • SouthCentral
    I can believe this.....
  • Incognito

    We couldn't play anything but Kingdom songs while cleaning the KH.

    As related in another thread, during the '70s as a pre-teen/teen, I recall Bros & Sis from Mexico while attending the Int Conv in Toronto, performed native dancing in their native dress, on the stage after the sessions were over. It was done tastefully and modestly with no cat calls and the music was music only, no singing. While most everyone stayed and enjoyed the change of pace, it was soon outlawed as that type of behaviour was not appropriate in Jehovah's house of worship.

    With the party atmosphere now evident in these videos, What's next? Beer 'N shooters in the KH?

  • TheOldHippie

    Funny to see how some are "more Catholic than the Pope"

  • Rosemarie

    Hi Alive and Pete.

    please I'm not being dogmatic...I've been hurt too...and was inactive for a time.

    the cruelty from the society has cost my highly...which I won't go into here.....

    but this state of affairs was all foretold in the books of the prophets......that's not christendom their talking about we are told..that's us!

    the shameful shepards ones that lie and bribe and beat their sheep causing them to flee....that's us.

    all I can ask is some of you read those books again with that in mind....

    also,the wheat and the weeds illustration.....the weeds are not Christendom...they are us..his people..once I got to understand that..a lot fell into place....

    were the Israelites a cult... that stiff necked crowd he wanted to annihilate even before they got into the land of Canaan .....hey that's us today.

    he disciplined back them back then in the wilderness when Aaron allowed the worship of the false Calf....and when they wouldn't trust him to go fight in that land he disciplined again....but also even Joshua and Kaleb copped the discipline too...

    not fair fact if it was me I would be furious....

    look im not here to upset anyone...we all carry so many deep deep scars.....some are horrendous....

    the isralites were not a cult..nor were the Jewish system....just gods people gone bad.....just like Jehovah's Witness today.....the org is not holy but just a tool he uses to get his preaching work done .

    its gone bad too..but he manipulates it to serve his purpose...he uses the wheat to do that...I guess the weeds get shut up then...but he allows the weeds their time to....a threshing of sorts.

    brothers and sisters...we are being threshed like the apostles were....

    I'm not here to fight with anyone....but if someone thinks like me...if I can hep I will.

    no I'm not a scholar ...just a very plain sister who can see the pain and agony in gods house...and have learnt the patterns of how gods people..and how they always become corrupted...and he always disciplines them....he will do it again..just follow the patterns layed out in the scriptures...

    I'm also tired and worn out...but they are not going to get me...I'm awake to their moves...and I'm going to cop the discipline to..which I think has already started.

    certainly not looking forward to any of it.

    feel free to PM me if needed....but not for an argument...just genuine enquirers .....remember..I've got pretty deep scars too.


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