Are the 2015 Belgium Concert for Delegates and Kingdom Hall Cowboy Footloose Videos on Youtube for real?

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  • Rosemarie

    Why?....the KH s are not holy places.

    most on here hated the strictness, why complain about this .

    seems to me they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

    i would have loved this in my time.

  • Londo111

    There seems to be an exception when it comes to the International convention. When my then mother-in-law went to Chile a number of years ago, they had a show that involved dancing according to local culture (I believe Dancing Gauchos) at the Branch or at the Kingdom Hall.

    This was about 10 years ago or so.

  • joe134cd
    This is certainly not the conservative religion that I grew up with. OMG it's really not.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Why?....the KH s are not holy places.

    most on here hated the strictness, why complain about this .

    seems to me they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

    i would have loved this in my time

    You're right, it's nice that people get to have a bit of fun finally but you're missing the point.

    I think the reason we are complaining is that Biblical evidence was given from the platform showing why our behavior in the Kingdom Hall was to be reverent and serious and we weren't to be imitating the world in our dancing an music. Philipians 4: 8 "...Whatever things are pure, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are upright, you must dwell on these things...."

    We weren't even allowed to have a nice conservative worldly songs played at our Kingdom Hall weddings. For example, my Sister wanted her JW friend to play some classical music on her flute quietly in the background as people took their seats and waited for her K.Hall wedding to begin, The elders said it was unscriptural unless she was playing kingdom songs.

    As you can see from the video, they are dancing to music from the movie "Footloose" which ironically was about teenagers rebelling against their religious parents who wouldn't allow them to have a school dance because it was unchristian. The JW men in this video are shaking their behinds at the audience and the women are whooping it up. In the past, people would have been "counseled" for doing this at a private get together let alone in the Kingdom Hall.

    They told us from the platform and in the literature, quoting the Bible, that these things were wrong. If it was wrong back then why is it ok now. What else are they going to approve that used to be considered unscriptural?

    My Father Died from not taking a blood transfusion. A year or so later they approved the use of blood fractions which would have saved him. They claim they are being directed by Jehovah. It's funny how Jehovah always changes his mind about what's ok and what's not ok, at the same time they want something changed.

    Dancing, music and having fun isn't the issue here. Are they being led by Jehovah or not when they make the directives that Jehovah's Witnesses are supposed to obey and even die for?

  • Maryo
    Very well stated, Pete Zahut! It was taught the KH was a HOLY PLACE.
  • Maryo
    Perhaps next on the "chopping block": loosening the rigidness of the "no sex before marriage" rule for engaged couples?
  • Alive!


    How true that a little bit of fun hurts no-one. Yes, the conservative and grey routine of the past has changed in a FLASH - as this video and many other insights have shown. Whooping, Mexican waves, dancing and shaking the old bootie, cheering, cat calling - these guys are having some fun.

    So, when we were taught from publications that 'christendom' used music to falsely drive up people's emotions, that we as Jehovah's people showed reverence in our conduct, singing and music at the KH....pleasing our God, whilst all those other behaviours disrespected him.

    Am I allowed to feel a little confused?

    My heart felt good, I felt secure that we pleased Jehovah by not having worldly songs or behaviour in the KH - as one poster pointed out, even at weddings, only kingdom song music was allowed - nothing else.....right up to very, very recently.

    My conscience is all over the place - what was wrong, is now right.....forgive me if I can't keep up.

    Remember, our conduct and behaviour in our place of worship was meant to distinguish us from 'the rest'.

  • Alive!

    A friend of mine sent me photos of Mexican waves from an international convention - she Is not the sort to give answers or do loads of personal study, if ever!

    She said 'this has to be the best convention we've ever had!'

    I asked 'so what spiritual encouragement stood out at this assembly?'

    No reply.

  • redpilltwice

    These vids make me happy, this new generation simply demands some sort of life after all. No free card to mess with the Borg of course, but some restricted form of rebellion anyway. It's a good thing for those held hostage in the cult.

    At our wedding party in 2000, we had two closing songs that made us very happy and many danced to it, namely "Sultans of swing" (Dire Straits) and "I was made for loving you" (Kiss). At another wedding a few years later, a few brothers and me danced on a stage with make-up and the well known cleaning supplies from Queen's "I want to break free". At that occasion, one elder came to me, laughing, and said: "It was on the edge, actually a little bit over it." But no big deal really. They seem to acknowlege that it's healthy to let off some steam now and then ;-)


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