CO visit; going to meeting.

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  • sparrowdown
    Love Kevin Hart
  • cappytan
    Definitely record all the CO talks.
  • Giordano

    "We missed you"

    "That's strange I haven't missed a meeting in the past year!"

  • OneEyedJoe

    "We missed you"

    "That's strange I haven't missed a meeting in the past year!"

    Yes! That reminds me of my favorite line to use while I was still going to some meetings. If someone noticed that I'd "missed" a few meetings, I would just quote the movie Office Space: "I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob."

  • Finkelstein

    If you go and I'd assume you are, I would just make a pretentious stupid smile on your face and nod agreeing to people's suggestions, just like the brainwashed JWS themselves.

    Look thankful and grateful for the spiritual food that you've just been offered.

  • brandnew
    How bout a good ol.....elvis....."thank yuh....thank yu verrr much!!!"
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''We missed you at the meeting''- Where the hell were you?

    ''We miss you!!''- Are you leaving the Truth?

  • SG098
    Thanks for all you feedback everyone! So nobody said anything like I expected. It was all very cordial and surface talk. Longest conversation I had with anyone was about 30seconds.

    What was interesting was some of the elders were doing preemptive shunning. The elders know I'm an atheist since I told them a few months ago, but they have taken no action against me...I'm fortunate in that regard and yes I'm baptized. On the "information board" in the back of the hall, all the service groups are listed and who belongs in what group; I'm not even on the list next to my wife; which is fine by me since I don't call myself a JW. The nice elders in the hall came up to me and said hello, but the hardline elders including the COBE ignored me (which is also fine by me).

    I was able to record most of the C.Os talk; my son got a little rowdy so I had to take him outside and let him cry it out so the talk was cut short by about 10mins. The C.Os talk was jaw-dropping hypocritical!
    The title of the talk was "Guard yourself against Inspired Error."
    Some highlights from the talk:
    - ALL inspired error is from Satan.
    - The organization is the only source for "inspired truth."
    - The media which is part of Satan's inspired error, lies and twists the truth about JWs. (This to me is damage control since the ARC).
    - "Some in the organization had expectations of the end coming at a certain time, but these expectations were exactly what they needed to get them through and stay focused on the kingdom." (WTF??? I've never heard such bogus logic. At the beginning of his talk, the CO said that all inspired error comes from satan, BUT the "wrong expectations" of others in the troof were virtually a blessing to keep them focused...WTF!)

    I'll try to make a video of the talk and upload it. I'll have it up by Monday morning if not earlier so just keep an eye on this thread.

    Thanks again.
  • SG098
    Sorry folks, the audio is just to bad. I was in the back lobby when I recorded the talk and there's just to much kids crying and other noise. I apologize, but I'm not going to upload it. Maybe next time (hopefully there isn't a next time).
  • 3rdgen
    SG098, Thanks for the update. I'm with those who suggest you babysit your son at home. Saves you and your baby a lot of hassle and helps to keep him from becoming indoctrinated later.

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