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  • SG098

    Hello everyone!Just a little background info, I haven't been to a meeting in over a year. My wife has asked me to go with her tonight to help watch our son since it's the Circuit Overseers wife wants to be able to pay attention and get something out of the meeting since our son is 1yr old he can be a handful some times.

    A few things of note about the situation:

    - I'm going to the meeting no matter what. (Not trying to back out)

    - My wife knows I'm an atheist and we have a mutual respect for each others beliefs. (sorta)

    What I need from you all is some ideas of what should I say if people in the hall say the following:

    - "We've missed you."

    - "Are you going to start coming back?"

    - "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    Or any other saying I should be prepared for. If the elders or even the CO try to get me into the back room for whatever reason, I'm going to say "no"...after all, they have NO authority.

    I want to respond to people in a respectful yet affirmative tone to their inquiries or sayings. Since it's the CO visit, I may record some of the talks to see if he'll say anything cultish. Recording would be nothing new since I've done it before:

    Thanks for your advice!

  • brandnew

    Weve missed you= thanks

    You coming back= no

    Great meeting= what meeting

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    just tell anyone who asks any questions---" i'm not here to answer any questions "
  • OneEyedJoe

    In the future you might suggest that you simply watch your kid at home and let her go to the cult meeting by herself. Aaaaaand that's the end of my unsolicited advice.

    On to the solicited advice:

    When people say "We miss you" I always try to respond with something like "Really? I haven't heard from you - you should come by for a visit and we can have a few drinks." In my mind the goal is to make them as uncomfortable as possible and to force them to realize that they've just lied to you - they don't miss you, they've just been told to tell you that they miss you by countless talks over the years. In most cases, the people telling me that they miss me are folks that I've literally never had a conversation with (in one case it was someone that I've never spoken a word to and know nothing about her beyond her last name). Because these people really don't know me, the suggestion that they come by for drinks tends to make them very uncomfortable.

    "Are you going to start coming back?" - My response would just be "No" said in a firm, decisive voice.

    "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting?" - "You know, I really can't say that I enjoyed any of it."

    I guess your responses would really depend on your goal, though. In my case I don't care if any of them shuns me, and in some ways I'd prefer it. If you're looking to keep some relationships intact then just keep your mouth shut.

  • brandnew
    Thats a very good answer stan.....get the paparrazi off your ass quick....😂
  • OneFingerSalute

    "We've missed you."

    Well that makes ONE of us!

    "Are you going to start coming back?"

    What do you mean start? What do you call tonight?

    "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    Yes? I really enjoyed the end!

  • Quarterback
    • Weve missed you= I missed you too, why haven't you come by to visit me?

      You coming back= I never go backwards, I always look forward.

      Great meeting= Yes, but it's not going to replace Star Wars

  • brandnew
    Quarterback !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Khaleesi

    @SG089: I remembered when I first heard this recording, which I loved the way you handled it, I couldn't believe what the elder said at the end how more important turning your time in is in comparison to sin... was shocked... but did you stop reporting your time after this discussion with them?

    Anyway, I like how one eyed joe put it: i would do them same "we miss you" " oh really?, because I didn't get a call or text" .. . Just classic, i will use that next time myself....

    "Are you coming back?" = No, I am just here to help my wife & babysit my 1 year old today...

    "Great meeting"= which part?

  • wifibandit
    Please Record it!

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