CO visit; going to meeting.

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "We've missed you." - Well, I'll never turn visitors away!

    "Are you going to start coming back?" - I'll definitely let you know if I do!

    "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!" - I've had a lovely evening - but this wasn't it! (G.M.)

    Any attempts by the wolves to "have a chat" with you, ask them what it's about, and if the subject matter is not to your liking, simply say, "Not at the moment, but thank you for the offer."

    If they try to push it by saying, "But it'll only take a couple of minutes", rinse & repeat!

  • millie210

    - "We've missed you."

    Thanks! That is so sweet of you!

    - "Are you going to start coming back?"

    Aww, that is so nice of you - you have always been such a kind person. - Hows your mom;dad/ brother'dog'cat these days?

    - "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    It was!

    The last said in the same spirit in which one attends the band recital of a group of 8 year olds. Nothing is really wonderful but you are on THEIR turf and it means something to them. so.....

    The above is for the knd well meaning old souls wno are coming from a genuine albeit misguided place.

    For the ones who are NOT genuine and you know it - have fun!

    - "We've missed you."


    - "Are you going to start coming back?"

    Quesions, questions! Hey I have one for you pack your lunch or ride the bus? Are you still beating your dog or have you quit? Then through your head back and laugh and say " I LOVE question games!

    - "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    What was the most wonderful scripture used tonight to you?

    Lastly, If there is a real jackass in the group - you can really have fun...

    - "We've missed you."

    Thats ONE said while holding up one finger

    (if they say what do you mean, YOU say "the KM had a list of things NOT to say to inactive ones if they come to a meeting and I am counting how many of them you are going to say.)

    - "Are you going to start coming back?"

    Thats TWO

    - "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    They will be gone by this question :smile:

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Kudos to you for showing your wife what unconditional love looks like!

    Now for some bad answers:

    Missed you! - Well swing by my home any day! Coffee ready!

    Start coming back? - *pinch* Oh wait, my kid is crying! :-p

    Wasn't that a wonderful meeting? - With Jeff and the ARC? Best meeting ever, hands down (under)!


    "We've missed you."

    Did you forget where I live,my phone number?

    - "Are you going to start coming back?"

    This is a start..But..I`m Quitting,I`m going to get a Patch like smokers do..

    - "Wasn't that a wonderful meeting!"

    Nope..Same old crap..BORING!!..

    You`d would have to had slept through it,not to notice..


    ....................................................................................WERE YOU SLEEPING?
    Image result for Sleeping in church.....Image result for mr bean sleeping in church

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, a REAL friend who genuinely MISSES you would have taken the initiative to contact you previously, NOT wait until they see you at that meeting to say "I have missed you"

    When they ask "wasn't this a great meeting?", ask them "which specific point did you like?" (most wont remember anything and will say "oh the whole lot was great you know".....

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Try a Bill Murray.

    "...We've missed you..."

    [Take their hand].

    "..I have misssseeeddd you ssssoooo much..."

    [Keep holding their hand]

    "... Is there someplace we could go?...]

  • LostGeneration

    Instead of answering, there are a dozen Kevin Hart faces you can use in reply to any of those questions.

  • LostGeneration
  • LostGeneration

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