I gave the elders some ammo to use

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  • naazira
    I would be PISSED if someone took my photo, hell we can't even record our Judicial Hearing. So I would not tolerate the photos being taking. That is stalking. I would indeed make a scene! I'd be on the nightly news exposing some things!!!
  • cognac
    I'd be on the nightly news exposing some things!!!

    That's a bit drastic. 😂😂😂

  • careful
    Sorry to say, but if you eat publicly with a DFed or DAed family member or friend, you have go incognito or risk being found out.
  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Taking pictures? Reporting back to "their superiors"? Sounds a bit like the era of the Nazi's.
  • mana11

    If i saw her take a picture of me i would sure as hell make sure she never took another one!

    File a report with the police for stalking.

    She must admit she took the image, and sharing it with malicious intent.

    teach her a lesson...

  • atacrossroads
    Thanks for the responses everyone. I still have not heard from the elders officially. My dad is an elder but my husband said unless they notify me by mail not to worry about it. It was mentioned in my thread a local needs talk will probably be given. I will follow the advice of private family business and I agree my only real sin was eating at Olive Garden. LOL I will continue to go in public with my cousin and discuss necessary family business. My husband replied to his father and told him what I did was not his concern and not to tattle to him. To come to me directly. I was so happy when I heard that. He is getting further and further from the JW's with every passing week. He truly enjoys missing meetings and not going in fs.
  • Lostwun
    Hey ata how's everything going with you? Has there been any further update on your situation?
  • Truthexplorer
    Well said Tenacious and some good advice
  • atacrossroads

    Hi lostwun,

    There have been 3 big developments. My husband is done with the witnesses. He says he is not going back. He told his parents. Major drama ensued from elders and friends which we did our best to ignore. We were to busy celebrating the fact I am pregnant!! It was a huge surprise but we are thrilled. After I graduate from college we are planning to move. We don't want to raise the baby around our JW family. We want to have peace. My husband has gotten back in touch with his DF'd older brother and they are planning to see each other very soon. A lot has happened but that is the very short version!

  • Sabin

    Congrats to you, enjoy every moment. . There is nothing more beautiful on this planet then an expecting mother.

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