I gave the elders some ammo to use

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    next time someone takes your picture--give em a flash
  • SecretSlaveClass
    I'm not sure what the laws are elsewhere, but in the US grabbing someone's camera from them can lead to a charge of misdemeanor assault. Sorry you were caught in a compromising position but as others have said, it shouldn't be difficult to squirm your way out of any grilling session with an explanation. If I were you I would relax and take it in stride.
  • notjustyet

    Tell the elders you have a issue and need their help in deciding.

    "If you try to create a JC for me and plan on DFing me, I need to know if you would like to see "JWFACTS.COM is all you need to know" on the billboard at HWY 98 and MLK avenue or another more prominent location?


  • floriferous

    Yes taking photographic evidence of you having a meal with your cousin in order to report you to the elders is quite disturbing.

    There must be a legal implication.

  • ToesUp
    Tell them that if they want to have a JC with you then they need to have an additional chair at the meeting. Tell them it will be for your lawyer. You will never hear from them again. You're better off without them. Their loss.
  • cappytan
    You could also claim ignorance. "He's disfellowshipped? Since when? Why did no one tell me? I must have missed that meeting! Well, shucks, brother. Thanks for letting me know. That darn cousin of mine should have told me, shouldn't he? Gee willickars! Boy do I have egg on my face! Hahahahahaha! See ya!"
  • Tenacious

    If you would still like to fade and keep your family relationships intact, I would not meet with the elders and instead let them know at the next meeting that you are aware that x and y brothers saw you dining with your cousin but you had personal business with him that has nothing to do with the spiritual matters. If they insist on pushing the matter, tell them again, that it was personal and you do not need to disclose it. Then if they still will not relent, threaten them and tell them you will be writing directly to HQ to ask. That should end it.

    I would get the address of those ass**le pioneers and egg bomb their car, lawn, and entire home. Pathetic.

  • zophar

    I used to be scared shitless about the prospect of being df'd but now I don't even care.

    Maybe you are ready to leave, now is the opportunity and you will be on to your new life. As already mentioned there is the trauma that comes with shunning, but if you are ready, you are ready. It looks like you are heading down that path anyway.

    Unfortunately, the way these things usually go, if it's not this event, it will be something else. Once the "investigation" begins it never ends.

    Wish you the best.

  • LaurenM

    The love that use to be in their eyes is no longer there.

    It's so sad that JW family members only love you on the condition that you stay a JW. Love should be unconditional or its not really love. They may say they still love you, yet they still pray for Armageddon to come when you'll be (in their minds) destroyed. It's a sad religion. But at least you have your husband to support you :)

  • punkofnice
    She took a bleedin' photo? What a vile slag! This is just more evidence that it's a cult.

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