I gave the elders some ammo to use

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  • Oubliette

    Two words: necessary business.

    Speaking of which, people need to mind their own!

    Nothing quite screams cult like turning people against each other.

  • LisaRose

    Oh you evil hussy, having dinner with a relative, how dare you!

    If it were not for the fact that these clowns can cause you to be shunned by your family it would be funny. I think most normal people would be shocked that in 2013, in a civilized country, an adult person would be shunned by their family over having dinner with a cousin, because that cousin decided to leave a religion. It's absurd, only highly indoctrinated cult members wouldn't see how ridiculous it all is.

    This is the problem with fading. Depending on your circumstances, it sometimes means you have to live a life of secrets, or else be constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering when you will get outed. Only you can decide if fading is worth it to you, you might be able to lie your way through the JC, but then you will have to live like that, pretending and hiding your true feelings, in the immortal words of Sweet Brown, "ain't nobody got time for that!"

    I couldn't do it. My JW brother friended me on Facebook and I tried for a time to maintain two lists, one for non JWs, one for everyone else, but it was too much work, so now I send everything to everyone, whether it's my Halloween outfit, Christmas pictures or whatever. If he doesn't like it, that is his problem, he can unfriend me, I am fine either way.

    Do what you have to do.

  • ToesUp

    According to a recent interview with Leah Remini on leaving the Scientology cult, she explained that members file Knowledge Reports on other members who are not towing the line.

    See any similarities?

  • Rattigan350
    How does anyone know that the cousin is dfd? Tell them that s/he is not. And if the cousin is your congregation, tell them that reinstatement is not an elder function, but a congregation function.
  • Simon

    "And Jesus said to those gathered 'stake out their houses and coffee shops to try and catch them breaking one of my many rules because that is the greatest way to show loyalty and get into the kingdom of heaven'"

    The Gospel according to Elders

  • WingCommander

    Know what I'd do? I meet with them. Yes I would. I would ask them what their problem is? I mean, you were there, at Olive Garden in public, talking about FAMILY MATTERS and also BUSINESS. That is fair play in the JW World, and no one can refute otherwise since there weren't 2 witnesses to your actual conversations. That is the story I would stick to, that you were discussing NECESSARY FAMILY BUSINESS, or possibly professional work business, and that also you found it very rude and "stalker-ish" for the Pioneer to take your photo. Who are they to do something like that? I would have those Elder's sweating bullets. I'd be asking for their apologies, for summoning me to discuss such PETTY issues.

    Turn it around, YOU control the conversation, give them NOTHING.

  • Flg8ter
    Doesn't matter.....in the "Shepard the Flock" elder manual there is a section on when judicial committees are to be formed.....it spells out "associating with NON-FAMILY disfollowshiped ones". I would call them out on it if they say anything at all.....
  • SnakesInTheTower

    yeah, your first mistake is eating at Olive Garden....... yuck.... just kidding...

    If I was minding my own business eating at any restaurant and anyone took my picture, all hell would break loose.I hate phones at dinner tables anyway. Now with everyone having a camera, there is no privacy anywhere.

    If the elders come after you in a serious way, tell them you were Photoshopped into the pictures.

    As another poster often signs off with .... let's review: It's a cult.

    Snakes (Rich ... of the "no more Kodak moments" Sheep Class)

  • Anon2

    Sad thing that you heard from your Dad, your husband, through his Dad, but haven't heard from the elders who want to to talk to you...unless your Dad is an elder. Even if he were/is, how did your husband's Dad find out? Is the entire congregation going to hear about it before you, and isn't there a rule about gossiping and spreading such news?

    I'm sorry your inlaws treat you the way they do. Hope that some day you will find people who value you and treat you the way you deserve for the way you are, not what they expect you to be. Though it's a reflection on them, not you, it's still sad that you have to endure such treatment.

  • DarioKehl

    The fuc*ing bitch took your picture?

    ONCE AGAIN: matthew 18 is flatly ignored. Never mind approaching you first. The cowardly bitch photographed you because--get this--you ate food across a table from a biological relative who THEY have chosen to discriminate against. God damn it, stories like this broil me.

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