Will you ever do another "list"?

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  • onacruse

    gumby, that's what I'm thinking about here...the social dynamic of acceptance/rejection. After all, isn't that one of the most powerful attractions that kept many of us in the WTS long after we'd "intellectually" departed? To feel "accepted" is very satisfying, a need that we all share in common as human beings. And so if someone comes to this forum, sees a "list," and they're not on it...the sense of rejection is in its own way a "push back to the WTS." But otoh folks like you, who've been sharing here and supporting others a lot longer than I have, rightly deserve to be acknowledged for the contribution you've made. It's a catch-22.

    One thing I always liked about the quick-builds was that everyone could have a part (even "worldly" people). Young and old, skilled or unskilled, it was a great synergy of people all working together. There was no "list." But progressively things got more into the "approved volunteer" mode, and now it's developed into a "class" of its own. They pull out their records, and if you aren't on the "list" you don't get to be a part.

    I'm inclined to go with Six on this one...for all the good feelings a list may produce, the bad feelings it does produce outweigh the potential benefit.

    ((shamus)) If you'd like to talk, feel free to p/m me for my phone #, eh?


  • caligirl

    I think it is impossible to include everyone on lists such as this. I also do not think that being left off a list such as these means that no one wants to meet you. I don't think that those who respond to the threads are in any way saying that they absolutely positively would want to meet only the person(s) they listed, and that many times those listed may simply be the ones who immediately come to mind when they are typing their replies - in no way meant to slight anyone or hurt anyones feelings.

    My 2 cents on the subject: I was not listed ( to my knowledge) I don't take it personally. In order to take it personally, I would have to assume that everyone who responded was deliberately saying that they have no interest whatsoever in meeting me, which I know would be untrue, unfair and highly unreasonable to assume, as it would mean assigning motive to anyone who posted a response. And I definitlely do not beleive that anything beyond curiosity or starting a conversation sparks the starting of threads such as this and the threads are in no way meant to hurt anyone or make anyone feel unwanted or unimportant to this forum.

  • riz

    shamus- i love evil bert. he's hilarious

  • shamus

    Why thank you all....

  • minimus

    Yeah. The next one will be called the HIT LIST.

  • gumby

    Now that list minimus.....I KNOW I will make!

    Craig....thank you for your.....as always.....kind response. I still enjoyed seeing who people enjoyed and chose. I remember Farkel commenting about minimus and the hits he has and realising it takes various talents to catch peoples eye and many have that talent. Sometimes it's a very simple one.

    I do know that most who are picked are those who are always pleasant for the most part though not always. Posters who only post on debate issues do not get the responses perhaps a fluff poster will get and the non fluff poster wonders why he/she isn't noticed for answering a tough issue and the other guy who isn't really skilled knowledge wise gets more attention.

    I think the bottom line is we need all types here to grow and learn from each other.

    Gumby.........(the smartedst man who ever lived)

  • Sunspot

    Nope, I decided that right after the last one :o(

    It DOES seem "selective" even if no one means it to be......and not the best thing all around. (But......then again......FARKEL said he'd like to meet me, so.......)

    Oh, well! The answer is still "nope"!



  • minimus

    "The guy who really isn't skilled knowledge wise gets more attention". Don't underestimate, Gumby.

  • gumby
    "The guy who really isn't skilled knowledge wise gets more attention". Don't underestimate, Gumby.

    Minimus old chap.......I did not tie in that with you old bud so simmer down or I'll have to whack you on your pee pee. Your smart, have a good knowledge, and are a great aid here. My point about you was farkels realising simple good questions could get more response than a post from someone who has been around a lot longer and posts different type of material.I didn't mean you didn't have depth......but you do have more fluff than fark did.....and thats ok, because we need both here. Now that I have really kissed your butt......you MUST now call me your new god Gumby

  • shera

    I was thinking peoples feeling's were going to get hurt and I was hesitant to name people off. The last thing I want to do is hurt someones feelings.I only named a few people but I would seriously like to meet just about everybody here.

    If I hurt anyone...sorrie.

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