Get Over It

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    Get over it! To me feels insenitive and not respecting another feelings.

    Get over it! That is the same statement I heard from family when I took the risk of sharing sexual abuse. And internally recoiled within myself carried those secrets for 35 yrs. I thought it was my fault! And gratefully I don't feel that way now.

    I am grateful for these posts helps me in my healing process and to acknowledge those feelings.To find out I was'nt the only one to have them. "Its not about the destination but the journy".

    To be honest If I had'nt worked on my issues and seen that statement Get Over It! I would'nt come back!!

    True we all are on a journey only different places on the path of recovery. There is no right or wrong way how we travel.

    Chevy I hope this is a learning opportunity for you.


  • freedom96

    This board is much more than just a place to hash out old memories of the WTS. For some it is a healing process, others it reminds them how much bull really went on. Always helpful to hear others experiences.

    For others, it is a place to chat. I would imagine by looking at all the posts, I would say a good percentage have nothing at all to do with the WTS. I think it is interesting to share parts of our lives, our thoughts, with others who had similar experiences.

    Being a witness at some point is much more part of our lives than I think most religious sects. This was our life, and so hearing thoughts regardless of what they are from those who did the same stuff is quite interesting.

    What more can you ask for than to have a place to chat with friends?

  • LyinEyes

    Gumby said.....( about just getting over it)......"Some can't". So True. LIke everyone eles here , I agree it takes different time frames for some to be able to move on. And I believe that moving on doesnt mean you forget it all, and it doesnt mean you dont have days you cry about it all, or get pissed all over again. I am not saying that is what Chevy meant, but I can see where some might think that.

    I think the reason moving on and getting over it is harder for some, has to do with alot of factors. Like these: the years put into it......( say all your life, compared to some that have been in for just a few years, but not to diminish their pain either ya know) elders and others who had power in the congregation and now are dealing with the things they did as the GB told them to,emotional issues, sexual abuse, abuse by parents, losing a mate when they decided to leave, being shunned by all, especially some's own children, losing a loved one over the blood issue, suicide due to depression caused by guilt and thinking Jehovah didnt love them anymore. I could go on and on, but the point I am making is...........EXACTLY what GUMBY said above.........." Some just Can't"....I think and I pray that so many of us will live thru it, find peace of mind, and happiness thou. I think for the most part we are doing just that.

    Hugs Dede

  • RubyTuesday

    Bend with the wind We got the misty rain fallin,' In the sparklin' sunlight, And its shining so bright. Where would I be, If you weren't there for me? I'd still be in the night. Centered in light, Rooted in love, Peaceful like a dove. The wind howls above.

    CHORUS: Bend with the wind, Go with the flow, Roll with the punches,
    The wind's gonna blow, The wind's gonna blow.

    Soft is supple, What's hard is brittle, The stubborn shall be broken.

    Raindrops are soft, Boulders are hard, Yet raindrops carve the canyons.

    When the storm comes heeded, Large trees get weeded, Small grass is undefeated. The wind knows what's needed.

    We're being asked to change, The world is rearranged, Let go of expectations.

    Wind blows through the trees, Leaves bend in harmony, Wind never blows the same way twice.

    Suffering and pain, Are winds of gain, Let go of all your vice. The wind knows what's right.

  • Mecurious?

    Easier said than done pal.


  • Waygooder64

    I hear ya buddy!!!

  • Introspection

    If someone is over it, it just becomes a non-issue whether you talk about it or not. If you have to avoid talking about it doesn't that just indicate there's some kind of hang-up?

  • Blueblades

    Ask Simon to remove all of your past posts,because you are over it and don't need them anymore.

  • Sunspot

    Hmmmm......"Get over it"........Actually, I AM, "gettin" over it" BY being here!

    I also have ongoing "reminders" I must deal with almost daily, family members who refuse to speak with me and who consider me "dead" becuase I discovered LIES about their Mother....and relatives in the same (very small) town who won't speak to me and consider me dead because I Obeyed Mother for 34 years.....and a whole variety of crap in between the two examples I mentioned....THEY make it IMPOSSIBLE to "forget" and "move on" as you suggested.

    I also enjoy laughing, and two of the funniest threads (that I happened to come across---who knows HOW many more I haven't seen) that have had me in hysterics were about Assemblies and Farting at the KH.

    I FEEL good when I laugh......and the great folks here at JWD who have a shared experience with me that defies description (or understanding)to anyone else OTHER than an ExJW----is comforting. Without this, I COULDN'T "move on" very well at all.

    If you meant this thread topic as a should have kept it to yourself.

    If you didn't mean this thread topic as a should have kept it to yourself.


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