Get Over It

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I am over it

    But, unfortunately I have a brother (elder), sister (special pioneer), brother (half in half out), and a mother I would like to ................ (can't say)

    So I am always looking for good answers, comebacks, experiences etc.

    And really if the JW's have the right to ruin my family life ( I am shunned by all), I have the right to fight back in anyway I can.

    Nothing would please me more then to see the Watchtower fall ........

    Will it ever happen, well never say never, they keep putting their foot in their mouth.

    I think the next ten years will be very interesting, with the 1914 generation all but passing away.

    So, most of us are OVER IT, but the JW'S started the fight, and some of us are fighting back.

    They DO NOT have the right to RUIN more lives, especially the younger ones. And a lot of people are in a situation where they do not know how to get out, How can we not try to help them ????

  • ISP

    I think getting folks out of the WTS is not easy. They have to want it. I think being round , in a position to help pick up the pieces is good. The internet is doing a fine job.


  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang

    I agree, it's always good for a few laughs to share common reminiscences...and reading the posts here (I'm 99.99% lurker [;)]) acts as a reaffirmation of the rightness of my decision to leave the BOrg...

    Besides, if everyone on this board 'gets over it' and leaves, who's going to be there to support all those future 'escapees' (and let's hope there's going to be many, many more of them)?

    Just MHO. [:)]

  • Prisca

    Pretty ironic for someone with 776 posts telling other posters to "get over it", don't you think?


    Well, I cannot speak for everyone, but we're all on different time schedules here.

    Some of us have been away from the WTBTS for many years, some only days, others...a few minutes.

    There are questions that, yes...seem very mundane for those of us who've been away from the Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time, but may be very 'big' questions for those newly exiting the WTBTS.

    Recently, those who are new to the forum, have had no previous means to vent or express their viewpoints regarding assemblies, meetings and other seemingly trivial items to anyone.

    At least here, it's not a judicial committee.

    It's important to be patient. It can be frustrating sometimes, but even I remember what I was like when I was newly out of the Borg.

    ol' Rayzorblade

  • Hamas

    You know, I said that once and started a 85 reply post.

  • Cassiline

    You lurkers out there reading this beautiful letter should now understand why web sites like this one exist

    and why 'apostates' like us seem so obsessed with wrecking the Watchtower Society.


    When the occasional poster that claims that we need to "just let it go", they should be promptly directed to Nina's letter and this thread.~~BeautifulGarbage

    Andee's comment:

    Nina's letter:

    I just finished reading Nina's letter and BeautifulGarbage's response, I could not agree more with what Andee (BeautifulGarbage) wrote.



  • ikhandi

    You know I posted a thread like this a few months ago. I wasn't intending to mean, but I got some really nasty responses. I agree there has to be a time when you let all this crap go meaning posting on jwd, reliving experiences, letting this religion take over your mind. Hell I don't know if I will be even be here three months from now, never mind a year later. I simply don't care anymore. To me it's a sign I have moved on.

  • shera

    I've been out for 10 yrs and its been only 9 months sence I have found out the lies and everything elese that goes a long with it.

    I must say I am feeling great and most of my mixed feelings I was having are just about gone.

    Other wise,I like it here and even when I'm 100% over the WTS crap,I'll still be here. Why leave here? Its a chat fourm and it has helped me in non Jw topic's as well. I have made friends here and I want to keep making more.... There is some great newbies here. I think it would be nice that the oldies are here to stay and help out the newbies.I must say I'm not here like I used to be.At first I couldn't get enough info,it was like I was cleaning my mind of all the WTS BS.

    Your all stuck with me.

  • gumby

    Get over it eh?

    I have a wife, a daughter and son-in-law with 2 children(my grandkids), two sisters, my mom and her entire family........who are still in the borg and shun me..(except for my wife of course)............but you say get over it .Should I just forget all this?

    First of can't "get over" something of this nature unless you are emotionless.

    If hitler were still alive and well and lived in your neighborhood and still commited attrocities .....would you "get opver it"? Would you not be bothered that he was still ruining, or ending peoples lives?

    It is easy for some to get past much of their feelings and move on. They move on in the sense of not NEEDING to come here anymore for support, and they don't want to discuss the dubs anymore.

    For others...they get their lives somewhat straightened out also but want to STAY here, keep up on the dubs........and help OTHERS out. We have many here that are here for that reason. For some this place is like a volunteer help place. People spend their time and support to help many who are hurting and lost.

    I understand where you are coming from Chevysnats and am not doggin you for what you said. Some NEED to move on. Others can't, ......and still others want to hang with that enviroment so as to help others. We all have different reasons.



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