What do the British think of Camilla Parker Bowles?

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  • teejay


    I can only hope that your and calamityjane's children (if she has any) aren't being taught your brand of "humor" when it comes to other people's looks. I also hope that they won't suffer the brunt of having their looks made fun of as you two have done here. You may think it's funny but it ain't. It's pathetic and sad and you ought to be ashamed.

    So... let me get this straight: "F**k" = bad.
    Saying someone looks like a horse (because you don't like them or their family) = good / funny.


  • cruzanheart
    There has not been a legitimate Monarch since 1485 when the rightful Yorkist Monarch Richard III died in battle defending the crown from the dirty Lancastrians.

    No kidding!!!! Henry VII was nothing but a bastard upstart and his only real claim to the throne came from marrying Elizabeth. That's why I say he had more reason to off the Little Princes than Richard did. He had to legitimize Elizabeth so his claim to the throne was something other than conquest, but if the boys were still alive they'd be legitimate too and would therefore be in line to the throne before him. His son Henry made sure that there were no remnants of the previous ruling family, the Countess of Salisbury being the last one to be executed.

    You hit on my favorite subject, IronGland!


  • Englishman
    So... let me get this straight: "F**k" = bad.
    Saying someone looks like a horse (because you don't like them or their family) = good / funny.


    You've just qualified as an honoury Brit.


  • Xena
    I've met some of the people who've posted here and none of them would win a beauty parade, believe me!

    I found lots of people at the fest attractive.....some more than others but all in all a very attractive group of people

    What do the British think of Camilla Parker Bowles?

    Well not being British I can't tell you what they think of her...so this ends my contribution to this thread.

  • teejay

    No thanks, Eman. I'll pass. I was raised differently than that, but I don't suppose you'd understand.

  • unbeliever

    I meant for this to be a humorous thread. I think the people who were making fun of their looks thought the same thing. It's not like they are wrong. With the exception of Prince William, Harry and Dutchess Sophie (???) the rest of the royals could use some plastic surgery. j/k

  • expatbrit
    Camilla on one arm, Fatima Whitbread on the other. Of such things are fantasies made.

    Gods, that one made me spew wine!

    Cruzanheart, have you read Richard III by Paul Murray Kendall. It's an excellent biography of the much maligned King. More and Shakespeare have a lot to answer for. I tend to agree with you about Henry VII probably being the real culprit. Henry did turn out to be a much needed stabilising influence though. And he shrewdly increased the royal wealth considerably, which Henry VIII appreciated immensely.


  • Ravyn

    Charles, Diana, Camilla, her husband(?), Harry and William...all have been hurt by laws and rules and an archaic institution that has always seen this kind of corruption, greed, and dishonesty...hmmmmmm....sounds familliar somehow....?????????

    People are people. And of course my opinion has nothing to do with the fact that my middle name and my mother's name is Camilla(actually Comylla--but pronounced the same way).


  • toddy

    She's done nothing with her life except marry rich men......waste of space

  • Simon

    Jeez teejay, lighten up.

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