What do the British think of Camilla Parker Bowles?

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  • Francois

    All my ancestors came from the Sceptered Isle, does that qualify me to comment?

    Camilla does so look like a horse. However, if you've seen pictures of her when she was a teen, they display a pretty good looking young woman.

    And they ARE inbred.

    Beauty may only be skin deep, but UGLY goes down all the way to the BONE

    Otherwise, Jeez, look at what those two have survived and still come up holding hands. They seem more dedicated to making their relationship work for them than most marriages I know anything about. Let them have each other, fer chrissake. I don't believe in getting between two people who are prepared to take on the world in favor of each other.

    My 2


  • Englishman
    No thanks, Eman. I'll pass. I was raised differently than that, but I don't suppose you'd understand.

    Teejay, I'm guessing that you took exception to the criticality of Camilla's looks because non-whites (please don't bite my head off here, I'm not sure what term is acceptable these days) get criticised for their none-whiteness, ie the way that they look? Englishman.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    but I've met some of the people who've posted here and none of them would win a beauty parade, believe me!

    True true. My face has indeed cracked a few mirrors in my time.

  • Earnest


    Trust me. The Brits are crazy. You will not believe how they behave at a pantomime. Just like a bunch of kids. They have great admiration for anyone who has refined insulting to an artform e.g. Winston Churchill, Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde. They just love lampooning their politicians and anyone with royal connections. Why, you can go to Hyde Park [an area for public speakers of all persuasions], get on your soapbox and denounce the aristocracy to your hearts content. But there is (usually) no ill feeling attached. Sometimes its even done with a touch of affection. Of course describing someone as having a face like a horse simply shows they haven't really cultivated the art of insult. A bit like cussing because you don't have the vocabulary to express yourself. System administrators aren't what they used to be.

    You should come over here sometime. You'll never be the same again.


  • unbeliever


    What is the "proper" way to insult the royals? Example?? We Americans need to know.

  • teejay
    I'm guessing that you took exception to the criticality of Camilla's looks because non-whites [blacks] get criticised for their none-whiteness, ie the way that they look? -- Englishman.

    No, Eman. It has nothing to do with race or skin color. I just find making fun of a person's relative prettiness/ugliness to be highly offensive and in extremely poor taste. When it came to physical appearance, I was "blessed" since my parents were both above average in that regard. So none of their children ever had to suffer the ridicule of having their looks made fun of. Still, it was drilled into us from an early age that looks mean NOTHING, and for people to make something of it is, IMO, horribly pathetic. It's probably a cultural difference (based on what Earnest said) but as you have a problem with certain words... I have a BIG problem with what I read here in this thread.

    She looks like a horse. Of course the British always liked their horses!

    ROFL @ Simon!!


  • Brummie

    Today in London the windows of the queen mothers old place (cant remember what you call it now) are all open while the paint dries. Its being decorated and as soon as its ready Camilla & Charlie & sons are all moving in there together.

    I appreciate our royalty and hope we always have them, its our heritage and the making of our history.

    Camilla & Charles are happy together so what does it matter, besides they have plenty of horse stables if they want to make out.


  • james_woods

    Post 100 for me, and I go find this weird old thread to waste it on!

    Anyway, I wanted to tell a Princess Di story. It just so happens that I was flying to London on business on the Saturday night of her accident. They did not announce it on the plane. I found out because I shared a booth on the train from Heathrow into town with an American couple who had come in on another flight; they saw it on the TV news. The news was still spotty and we kind of speculated that maybe she or the boyfriend was actually driving the car...

    Anyway, when we got in (Charing Cross station if I remember right) I got one of those black cabs and this driver slowly drove around that big circle in front of the palace. There were thousands of people there - the place was covered in flowers and the crowd was so orderly it was unreal. There was just total silence.

    I had all day Sunday by myself before going out to find our local office on Monday. It was just about the weirdest business travel day of my entire life - the place was like a freeze frame on a DVD player. On Monday, about everybody at our office (including our U.S. based CEO) was just sitting around the canteen and watching the news. Then we were off on Tuesday to Cologne, Germany on our customer visit.

    My British partner on the call, Ken Rowe, and I get a cab at the Cologne airport. It is, ominously, a great big Mercedes sedan. The driver pulls down into the connecting tunnel, accelerating to at least 140KPH. Ken and I kind of share a look - and we make a nervouse laugh. (Great, here we are in the back seat of a big fast black Mercedes doing about a ton down through a tunnel!) The excellent lady driver delivers us safely to the Ford plant and all is well.

    On the thread subject, I think the loss of the Princess was a great one. If Camilla can possibly create some sense of order and happiness in that weird realm - I say more power to her.


  • Finally-Free

    I still think Camilla looks like a horse.


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