What do the British think of Camilla Parker Bowles?

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  • james_woods

    Well, to be truthful --- this got discussed among the young sales guys there in our London office on the Monday after. One of them explained to this Texas Yank that an English member of the Royal Family does a special sort of logic unavailble to you or I on these type of decisions.

    It works like this -

    NOW: Princess Di: young, widely regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful women, popular, mother of your kids...

    Now, lets see: Camilla - married, older, not widely regarded..., not really popular, could very well end up costing you the throne...

    So - um Di, Camilla, Di, Camilla

    OK then - Camilla!

    In the engineering part of my company this classic little story still has the title "The Prince Charles Decision". It is used to belittle any engineering plan which turns out badly. You just had to hear a native Englishmen in Sales Engineering tell it!


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