in retrospect: RBCs vs LDCs / the hype about a lot of new construction and subsequent abrupt halt to construction

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  • _Morpheus

    Lol yes dark that is it... i changed the name and used general dates, i dont like to give too much info on the internet but anyone from my area would know exactly what hall im talking about

  • darkspilver

    i dont like to give too much info on the internet but anyone from my area would know exactly what hall im talking about

    I kinda presumed 'local people' would - but thanks to the internet we can all be 'local people' now.

    BTW the town's website also gives some brief indication of the environmental issues it looks like they had.

  • _Morpheus

    Really? I didnt know that info was still around and i hate to derail the thread but i will try to make this next piece of info topical...

    the old hall sat on the exact site of brother smiths house and wasnt subject to any specific regulations beyond whatever the building code of its time required. The minute plans were made to build something new on the site all current codes and regulations were applicable.

    In the end that pos hall you see on street view, just single kh auditorium with absolutely no style or particular class, cost a little over a million bucks to build. 1.15 as i recall. And the land was already owned., as my story covered. That was all meterials (not very much) and site work. The rbc didnt want to handle the site work although at first they said they would so the local friends, who didnt want a new hall to begin with, got stuck with a bill for 700k for the site work alone. The drainage system is of course a good thing and handles all the parking lot run off in a very environmentally friendly fashion and i support that part of it... but it dosent lessen my anger at the branch

  • darkspilver

    Yeah that's the problem with anything - if it's new you gotta apply the current rules.

    The rbc didnt want to handle the site work

    Yeah, not so keen on that bit!

    (Have sent you a PM)

  • joe134cd

    I've got another goodie. A Hall in a nearby town had 2 renovations done to it with in the space of about 8 years. Both renos were at considerable cost, of which the 2nd was more expensive and involved a total strip down of the inside. At the time I wondered why the building needed to have a 2nd reno when the first one was sufficient. I voiced my concerns Now the plot really thickens, as it was just after the 2nd renovation, that it was realized that the car park was to small and the neighbour's were complaining about cars on the street (btw I never heard about neigbour complaints officially). Although I was PIMI i couldnt help but think why would you want to put all that money and time into a building and yet fail to realise that there were issues with parking space in the first place. The Hall had been there for a very long time so why is it only now that neighbour's are complaining about cars been parked on the street. If it was such a problem then why was the Hall sold to a community center which would of increased traffic flow and parking considerably. The old hall was in a prime convienent and expensive location with the new Hall been in the middle of no where. They walked away with just under a million dollars for that hall, with out any opposition from anyone. Looking back I just think how stupid and gullible I was to have not realized something that was so obvious.

  • wifibandit

    I have the January 31, 2015 LDC meeting.

    (Watchtower, don't bother with a DMCA notice. I have hard copies. I will just re-upload it.)

  • Magnum

    Thanks, wifbandit. I've got it now.

    joe134cd, yeah, that's pretty obvious. I don't blame you for not realizing it at first, though.

  • Dagney

    What a story Morpheus. It sickens me.

    I have to remind myself the WTBS is nothing more than a corporation. Every decision has been for the corporation and to insure the continuation of the corporation. Every decision.

    We had an old KH dating back to the 1920's...a small neighborhood church. The congo looked for years for a suitable property to build, and for some reason, it never happened. The congo had some wealth, and the building was paid for. Come the year 2000. The elders' starry eyes saw the scam of the RBC. They were told to get 5 bids from general contractors for the rebuild. The "corporation" took the largest bid, and that is what they charged the congregation for the construction which was done by volunteers and the RBC. Those elders are still there...serving faithfully a corporation.

    Oh well...

    My brother was (is??) heavily involved with the building work. I would just love to ask him WTH happened. But we aren't in a place where it can be discussed. Oh well....

  • _Morpheus

    Its so infuriating. I swear everytime i think ive moved on from it i read another experiance, and there are 100’s if not 1000’s in the US alone, and i get angry all over again. I suppose everyone who leaves the org has issues that have touched them personally, some much more serious than others. In the grand scheme child abuse is worth caring about and kingdom hall scams not so much.... but it burns me anyway

  • wifibandit

    During the LDC meeting streamed to elders 1/31/2015, at 01:48:23 they show this:

    Saying that Warwick is Smaller than the sum of the 4,600sq ft standard Kingdom Halls they were going to build.

    That works out to about 1,282 new Halls for the US Branch Territory!

    This was to be in addition to renovations!

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