in retrospect: RBCs vs LDCs / the hype about a lot of new construction and subsequent abrupt halt to construction

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  • sir82

    Yes I remember that slide.

    I think I recall a post on this site that there were something like, I don't know, 10? 20? new Kingdom Halls constructed in the USA in 2016.

    You don't pull those numbers out of a hat. They had spent years, probably many years, producing this "master plan" (I also recall they used that phrase repeatedly in their presentation).

    I also recall elders being commanded to "talk this up" - be positive & proactive, build enthusiasm among the "friends", mention all this building frequently in prayers, etc.

    And almost as soon as the travelling dudes got home from showing all this stuff, it all dried up.

  • konceptual99

    I wonder if we will ever know if the presentation and especially that slide were deliberate lies from the WTS or if they simply had been lead by their bollocks a bit too much and then realised that there was a plan B?

    Pure speculation but I wonder if there was in fact some voices promoting the current downsize, money grab etc but they had been shouted down by the GB (esp AM3) following the old school hubris? Then there was some big issue with cash and the accountants/consultants/forward thinkers got their way.

  • Vidiot
    "...deliberate lies... or... led by their bollocks...(?)"

    The line between the two seems kinda fuzzy these days, doesn't it? :smirk:

  • Londo111

    Truly food for thought.

    Things that make you say hmm...

  • pontoon

    I just have to put my 2 cents in on this. Back in the day I was on about 60 builds and remodels going back to before there were RBC's. Originally the RBC's were pretty loosely organized, as time went on they tuned up and I felt we did a lot of good work, including a lot of remodels inside and outside my RBC's territory traveling over 100 miles sometimes 1 or 2 times a month to NYC because NYC didn't have a lot of tradesmen brothers. The very last job I was on was the corporation's flagship Newburgh Assembly Hall.

    Something happened, at least in this area. The RBC's took on a life of their own, becoming a good old boy's club and let's see how much we can rip these congregation off for. Brothers who were contractors and ran RBC's were stealing from congregations. No other way I can say it. RBC's charging more than top dollar for supplies/materials. Charging trip fee's to bring their contracting tool trailers on site and rent while they were parked there. Over buying supplies/materials and keeping the extras. Buildings that should have cost $500,000 would cost a $1,000,000. When my own hall was remodeled (I was no longer in RBC) in the preliminary talk by the RBC to the congregation the head of the RBC pretty much told us he was in charge and not to be questioned.

    So, while I agree with the comments here that the corporation wanted absolute control over the builds I have to say it was a good thing to do when they shut down the RBC's, at least around here in the Hudson Valley

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I smell a rat.

  • _Morpheus

    @pontoon- those abuses were rampant here in DC as well. I used to get burned up when i saw brothers charging to “mobilize” equipment... the one difference, i would point out, is that at the end of the build the local hall was still owned locally.

  • pontoon


    Thanks, I used to wonder if it was just around here or a widespread problem with other RBCs. I would wonder how some of those contractor brothers were able to sleep at night with the dishonesty they did. Not working for the benefit of the congregation, working for what they could get out of it.

  • _Morpheus

    Indeed it was galling that they reveled in the shine of being on the rbc bit were really just working for a days wages. I didnt even care so much about that i suppose it was just the annaias and sofiria aspect where they claimed to be giving it away but were profiting... small but true story, on the build i talked about earlier in this thread the brother who was doing the foundation work spoke up in a planning meeting about the charges for mobilization and submitting them... after the meeting i mentioned to him that i had a large truck and a CDL and would happily assist in “mobilizations”. My motive was to assist in anyway i could and maybe save the project a few bucks... he turned beat red and stammered something about getting back to me and litterally stormed off... i couldnt understand what had happened until the brother who was paying bills spoke up and explained that by offering to help transport equipment i was cutting into his profits. PROFITS. I was floored but in the end i guess i rationalized that someone was going to get paid so why not a brother

  • Londo111

    Things do not arise in a vacuum...there is something that told the man that it was okay to profit off "the brothers".

    I do wonder how much this goes on throughout the organization and not just with construction.

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