in retrospect: RBCs vs LDCs / the hype about a lot of new construction and subsequent abrupt halt to construction

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  • Magnum

    So, now that some time has passed, I’d like some input/thoughts/analysis/etc. on the JW construction situation in the last few years.

    First, why did they discontinue the RBC arrangement and institute the LDC arrangement? Was it for more and/or better control? More efficiency? Did they give a reason?

    I may be wrong, but I believe it was to hide the situation (no or very little construction going on) from the rank and file. If the RBC arrangement were still in effect, it would be obvious that there’s not much construction going on because there would be a lot of RBC workers with nothing to do. However, under the LDC arrangement, the rank and file don’t know what is (or is not) going on. It’s easier to hide the situation.

    Second, what was the deal with all the hype about starting a lot of construction and then the strange, abrupt halt? Was it all planned? Was it a ploy just to get a lot donations coming in? Did they know even when they were hyping it that there was nothing really planned, or did they really plan it and then have to stop for some financial reason(s)?

    Any thoughts on any of the above? Has anybody learned anything about this situation since the events mentioned above occurred?

  • _Morpheus

    I totally believe that it was about control and taking money. Its an added benefit that with ‘central control’ average publishers see even less details and ask fewer questions.

    Its so wrong that they stole land from congregations who had owned it out right. That was an issue that would have woken me up had i not already been on my way out the door. They knew when they began the push to build that it was a fraud. It was complete crap designed to fleece the flocks and they had slowly been moving towards it ever since the melano park congregation fought back.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    When RBC was still around I knew people who would count whatever time they spent at RBC on their preaching time sheet and if I'm not mistaken, I don't think you were allowed to do that. So if anything that could be one of the many reasons the RBC arrangement was discontinued. I'm not so sure if there are people who do that with the LDC arrangement

  • Listener

    They are valid points Morpheus and Magnum.

    This latest Broadcast which explains one reason why less Halls are needed by amalgamating and filling seats begs the question as to why they didn't do this in the first place. Are they really that stupid or was it always intended in the first place? It is possible that they thought there would be a great expansion but the indications aren't there.

  • slimboyfat

    My personal opinion is that they had a sudden financial reversal and had to change plans.

    Remenber they produced a calendar praising increased construction, that was released in time to coincide with the halt in construction?

    Nowadays they've stopped publishing calendars altogether as an unnecessary expense.

    i hope someone has documented in full the hype that surrounded the "increased construction" and the subsequent climbdown, from elder letters, broadcast statements and so on.

  • Magnum

    slimboyfat: "i hope someone has documented in full the hype that surrounded the "increased construction" and the subsequent climbdown, from elder letters, broadcast statements and so on."

    I actually meant to ask about that. Where was it that the hype was mentioned? Wasn't it some kind of meeting with or video for the elders? If so, is that available for us to see and perhaps save? Was it mentioned to the rank and file? Did they ask for money relative to the supposed increased construction?

    Also, what about the climb-down? Was it mentioned somewhere? Was it in one of the broadcasts?

  • xjwsrock

    I remember a video for elders rolling out this "never before" construction crap. I missed that elders meeting to host a graduation party that was previously planned. I never did see it.

    Looking back now I wonder if it was all to make the money grab that they did, robbing the coffers of local congregations. There was certainly a story sold that "mother" would be handling expenses going forward, so there would be no need for local cash reserves. Of course that never happened. Huge lie. They took the money and ran.

  • Crazyguy

    In response to Jules, I believe it was perfectly ok for some in the rbc to count the hours on the time sheet. It's all about what you know. For example regular publisher goes and volunteers at a assembly hall building doing some clean up. He doesn't count it in his time sheet , probably doesn't even think it's possible or reasonable. Yet another brother this one a pioneer goes to the same assembly hall and does the same work and does record it in his time sheet.

    Whats the difference? The pioneer was told it was something he could do and encourage to do so but keep it on the down low because that for just pioneers Etc. It was the same with the RBC

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    All of the above!

    The LDC (IMO) was created as a new but crucial hierarchical entity which would rigorously enact & enforce all aspects of the draconian changes concerning KH ownership, maintenance, and consolidation & amalgamation.

    The org's hit-men in the LDC can now do what they like with any KH, and no congregation can stand up to them.

    The vice has been fully tightened, and the B.O.E.'s know it!

  • ttdtt

    Isn't the funny part how NO ONE BATS AN EYE at it?
    Congregations are pumping money to the branch for the MASSIVE building work that was needed.

    Yet NO ONE knows of any building.
    I was told by someone who was high up in the RBC in our area, that only a handful of new McHalls were building in the USA.

    No one figures out the bate and switch? We need a million halls today! We are consolidating halls because we don't need that many!


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