(How) Will The Slow and Subtle WT Internal Shift Affect Us?

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  • asp59

    There's been a shift in organization wise to be more loving to attract people from district. But they are focusing on getting the shift to younger ones. The olders ones think most of hours and showing up at meeting. They or a lost case and don't think the organization see any future with them anyways.

  • cobweb

    You have an interesting take. It is possible that there are two currents going on simultaneously because what they demand is not being met in reality, so they could be limiting their stated expectations and priorities to ones that they believe can be realistically fulfilled. Like when they dropped the hours for pioneers in order to sustain the pioneer numbers. They can do that to save face, yet at the same time, still be demanding that people do more.

    I believe they still value the numbers as much as ever but because numbers are no longer in their favour, they stop focusing on them.

    They have stopped focusing on ministry hours & mags/books placed, kingdom halls built, baptisms, number of anointed (cos they are increasing) - not because they truly believe that these things are no longer important, but because they make the watchtower look bad. They want well qualified elders but when there are no available brothers they say they can look past the superficial requirements. But, its still important to them really.

    They want the new system to come more than ever, yet the new generation teaching is an embarrassment to them, so they don't focus on it so much and instead talk about happy families and continuity. Similar story with the types anti types stuff - its all a big fat mess at this stage and they want rid of it but they want it too when it comes in handy for them.

    One thing that certainly isn't changing is the control they exert and the obedience to the Org and GB they expect. Apostasy, shunning, information control of the internet, media - these are increasing and making the religion more cult like.

  • TD
    For instance, think a couple years back...no more Type and Anti-Type:


    The JW's have done away with allegorical types, but prophetic types are still very much intact.

    Without typology, there is no great tribulation on the horizon

    Neither is there a time of the end, time of trouble, etc.

    No composite sign

    No Gentile Times

    No significance to 1914

    No good news

    No global preaching work

    No overlapping generation

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Only when JW's have given up all these things will types and anti-types be gone

  • zeb

    That 'type' and 'atypical'... I found it was as boring as bs and i believed that they had nought else to talk about.

  • zeb

    Long haired gal..

    "He is in an alternate universe"... well said.

  • DwainBowman

    Freddy had a type and anti-type, for every thing, he must have stayed awake at night dreaming them up. I am sure if some where in the OT it said that so and so, picked his nose on the Sabbath,there would be a modern day fulfillment! That type, of types and anti-types is gone!!

    Freddy was a NUT job!!!!

  • jookbeard

    thanks for the info Solz, look forward to any more updates

  • ttdtt
    but because they make the watchtower look bad.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Publisher statistics are for a giant printing company making profits from free distributors and near slave-labor costs, while it is profitting from such. No more true profit from the field from literature, so forget the PRC and convince them they need to be reaching out for JW titles.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    If they could just get the brothers who pay for all the gas in those Chevrolet Suburbans to donate the gas money every month there would be an end to the hour requirement.

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