(How) Will The Slow and Subtle WT Internal Shift Affect Us?

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  • Solzhenitsyn

    As a "deep PIMO" I can say that there is a confirmed re-branding. The coordinators committee formed a focus group from Service and Teaching committees. The results of that group roughly three+ years ago, with GB approval, trickled down to the other committees and eventually into what we have been seeing before our eyes in the org and local congs.

    Pick an organizational level and see the shift. Sure there are the little blips of GB spouting off with some charts and doctrine mumbo jumbo or CO's yacking about Porn at the Elders/MS meetings. But from the top Warwick brass down to the CO's, Elders schools, and even the Pioneer School I assisted the CO in conducting 2 weeks ago, the shift is clear.

    For instance, think a couple years back...no more Type and Anti-Type:

    "Humans cannot know which Bible accounts are shadows of things to come and which are not. The clearest course is this: Where the Scriptures teach that an individual, an event, or an object is typical of something else, we accept it as such. Otherwise, we ought to be reluctant to assign an antitypical application to a certain person or account if there is no specific Scriptural basis for doing so."

    Fast forward. At the end of an entire week of pioneer school If I were to tell you the main theme and take away it was: "Be a friend and just have a conversation about what is important to them. No literature required just bible or tablet in hand. Feel what they feel. Be a friend" I know i know, be a friend and suck them into our cult, but nevertheless nowhere in a week of class was that caveat mentioned.

    During the visit of the CO a few weeks back in our cong he specifically stated when considering the Elder/MS appointments: "At the branch's direction we're not going to even look at the PRC's of these men. I want to hear about what your relationship with them as spiritual men is like in your own words as if they were sitting right beside you now. Forget the numbers."

    Happy family branding is everywhere and the days of focus on prophecy, gaggles of numbers, stacks of books, comparison of PRC cock sizes, ect...is fading away in so many ways.

    At the end of the day, its still a dangerous cult. Period.

    But how does this shift affect the way we get our families out? The way we ourselves don't question the mental (and physical for many) liberation we have gone through?

  • carla

    "...we're not going to even look at the PRC's "- what are PRC's?

  • Solzhenitsyn


    PRC = Publisher Record Cards

  • ttdtt

    I dont believe that is a significant shift.

    From Elder PIMO friends, I am hearing the NUMBERS are more important than ever. That publisher who are not doing "all they can" i.e. pioneering, aux-pio... are made to feel that they are not wholehearted.

    Also, the phrase I am told is being heard over and over is "close ranks". There is if anything a hyper-fear of the world and apostates greater than any time.

    Also with the type-antitype BS, that was covered at an assembly and in a WT a few years back, and literally in the next month or 2 there was a WT article that was back to the same old BS.

    Encouraging publishers to not get into doctrine and stuff I think is more about making Service easier and easier to keep the numbers up, and to avoid getting into conversations that question the WT (since there is lots of negative media now). The carts facilitate the same thing.

    I am not DFed nor does anyone have any reason to think I have done anything wrong, but I am still shunned in public by some people who ironically I had helped as an elder. This is part of the SCARE tactics that are being used.

    There is no way in hell that candidates for MS or Elders are not scrutinized when it comes to Field Service time if that's what you mean. The thought of a brother who gets 5 hrs a month getting to be appointed is not realistic.

    They NEED brothers who are drinking the Kool-Aid by the barrel full.

    They will not put brothers in charge that are more about people than OBEYING the GB.

    There is NO softening from the GB in any way or making it a more kind organization. No idea what you think this "family" branding is. I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

  • ToesUp

    So it looks like WT is going to do the love bombing and the perception that JW's are the "happiest people on earth." There is ONE thing WT can not change....the INTERNET!!! The internet and the vast army of mad apostates are killing them. Anyone coming into contact with JW's WILL look them up on the INTERNET. When you want to buy a car/home, you research on the internet. WT can not stop that! That this the beautiful thing! Once the old timers die off, the next generation will be a very small one. The internet and media has labled WT a cult and has exposed WT for all of it's lies and child abuse cover ups. Only the most "loyal" cult members will remain.

    The reason they are not looking at the PRC cards anymore is because they are not getting the Brothers to "reach out." The liability of being an Elder is HUGE. I believe even some of the most uber men in the borg see this for what it is but can not cross over to the other side, in fear of loosing their family and friends and some even loosing their jobs. They just CAN'T do it. They see the cracks. How can you not.

    " I want to hear about what your relationship with them as spiritual men is like in your own words as if they were sitting right beside you now." Yep, go on outward appearance. What you SEE. This can be very dangerous. How many criminals LOOK like the guy or girl next door. Putting imperfect men in charge of EVERY aspect of anyone's life is a very dangerous thing to take on.

    WT is looking cultier everyday.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    TTDTT: Sorry, my comments may be best understood by those PIMO who are seeing the day to day operations up close. I can understand why from the outside you would say what you did.

    Its a different perspective piecing together bits and pieces of leaked info from the internet vs. being PIMO and living every Warwick utterance up close and personal. + Its hard trying to be more clear when clarity is something I have to avoid in this forum. And there you go.

    Best, S

  • ttdtt
    The liability of being an Elder is HUGE.

    Brothers are not thinking about that. Remember what it was like, you have no idea about what being an elder means past getting to give talks and getting Praised for being a spiritual man.

    Solzhenitsyn - I talk to PIMO elders ever week. Those who just can't escape because of family issues.

    You are being amazingly nieve if you think the GB is moving to a Kinder Gentler attitude, you are also ignoring the current message at the District Convention.

  • ToesUp

    " Brothers are not thinking about that"

    Yes, you are right, they are NOT thinking of the liability issues but they should be. Watchtower WILL NOT be there for them when an Elder is put before a judge and jury. Watch the ARC for an example of that. Elders on the stand sh*tting their pants.

  • LongHairGal

    I don’t know...

    I ran into a JW yesterday in a store (I think he’s still an elder). We talked for a long time and he was very friendly even though the first thing out of my mouth was that I was no longer active in the religion. I was surprised he didn’t turn his head and walk away like others have faced.

    I asked him point blank about what he thinks about all the changes in the religion. Well..he didn’t blink an eye and said the only thing he notices that’s ‘different’ is their website. He bragged about bible studies increasing and more people coming in. 🤮I didn’t bother to tell him anything I heard because it would have been pointless. He’s very much Physically In Mentally In.

    The fact is that all the things we know and speak about on here would not be real to him or many other JWs. He is in an alternate universe. So, I concluded my friendly encounter and wished him all the best.

  • nowwhat?

    like others a see a more seize mentality. Us against them. Hard core shunning and end is imminent crap . but then again the org. Has always talked out of both sides of their mouth.

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