So I quit smoking today..

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  • Aztec

    Thanks mouthy and mercurious! I've heard stories like that before mouthy and it's one of those things that keeps me from lighting up as much as I want to. Everytime I feel like picking up a pack I remember that it'd be just like starting all over again and the past 4 days would be for nothing.

    I have to say my sense of smell is steadily improving and I've actully lost 2 pounds due to my fear of eating...LOL!


  • LyinEyes

    Aztec, so how are you doing, did you stay on track , by stopping cold turkey?

    I woke up this morning with another sore throat and chest tightness,,,,( I was at a very smokey club last nite and smoke myself), so I am seriously getting my mind wrapped around the idea of throwing the cigs away.

    It took me a little over a year to smoke half a pack a day. Some days I smoke that much , other days it is one or two, and one day I was sick I didnt smoke at all, the thought of it made me sick.

    I definatly think I am addicted to the nicotine, and worry about that, I wonder if chewing the nicotine gum would help me, cause I really hate cig smoke, and I constantly wash my hands and spray body spray to get the cig smell off of me.

    I looked back at some old sites , the chamber of horrors of lung cancer and it scares me , to think I am doing this to my body. Plus, I dont have wrinkles yet and my vanity is getting the better of me, not wanting to ruin my skin ,,,,,,,,,lol.

    I am going to give this alot of thought and just wanted to know how you are doing with quitting smoking.

    I hope I have the courage to first decide to quit. I started as a social smoker , doing it while drinking, I never thought I would be a smoker,,,,,,it just bothers me that I do this and I don't like feeling something is controlling me .

  • Aztec

    It's going quite well LE! Quitting cold turkey was the best way to do it. It forced me to confront all of my smoking behaviors head on and deal with them. The first couple of days were hard and I had a few very moody days in there as well but, it's been worth it. I gained about 2 pounds but I quickly lost them again so basicly it's gone quite well for me. Do it now while you still don't have any wrinkles or lasting effects from the cigarettes. If you wait too long you'll get yellow teeth, wrinkles and most of your clothing will have holes in it. Good luck to you!



    Congratulations my dear. I am very proud of you. I forgot to ask you when I was speaking with you how the ciggy-butt thing was going. It appears it's leaving you. I'm so thrilled.

    Great! < look at what nice teeth you have Aztec

  • Aztec

    Ray, you're so sweet! Thanks.


  • oldcrowwoman

    hello Aztec~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I am proud of you. Congratulations!!! Its a huge feat to undertake.

    All the Best, OCW

  • plmkrzy


    The best of luck to you!


    Consider keeping mint-flavored toothpicks in your pocket.

    That will help with the hand to mouth habit and the mint is supposed to act as some type of placebo when it hits the taste buds. Don't know how well it works but it can't hurt you.

  • LyinEyes

    Yippeeeeeeeeee Aztec, you are an inspiration,,,,,,,,,, If I do this,,,,,,,,,you know I have to really WANT to , and right now I am fighting the just wanting to cause I can attitude and do what is good for me..... I will also have to thank Ms. Mouthy.

    Her description, of what she saw , her poor hubby and what he went thru is something I dont want my family to have to watch me do, I think of how hard that must have been for her and for her poor hubby.

    OHhhhhhhh side note to Plmkry::::::::::::: who is that artist that drew that picture in your avatar,,,,,,,,,,was that the witness lady???? I remember those pictures from when I was a little girl and always loved their big huge sad eyes.

  • rocketman

    Aztec, I just thought I'd post again and let you know I'm rooting for you....we all are, of course.

    Go Aztec!!

  • DanTheMan

    I'm so glad to hear that you stuck it out Carrie - good for you!!!!!!

    I'm quitting tomorrow. (at first I typed "I'm going to try to quit tomorrow" but that is the wimpy half-assed approach. I'm really going to quit dammit!)

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