Hallo from Scandinavia

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  • viktoria

    Hallo again.

    To all of you who said hallo and welcome, thank you very much.

    Yes District Overbeer,it does feel good to be out of the shadows-a step forward to recovery i think.

    Utopian Raindrops,thank you for the flowers,and yes,I bet we could tell a lot of true story´s about how it is to be a single mom as a JW.Later on I´ll tell you some of them.

    Iron Gland: Roxette,Abba,Ace of Base good party musik,Bjørn Borg? Hardworking man I guess,with a good instinct for business.Also a lady´s friend from what I read in the papers.Healthy man!

    Asleif-dufansdottir...your alias is from Iceland isn´t it? You are right I shouldent worry about being DF´d-but they have nothing on me so why should I hand it to them?But you are so right,it wears you out,all the letters,visits,phonecalls.They don´t understand why I´m not attending meetings anymore,and I´m not going to tell them.As a single woman they don´t count you for anything anyway,so why bother? I don´t think they´ll change anything anyhow.

    xjw-b12, betrayal from HQ?

    When found out about the UN thing, I contacted headoffice here in Danmark asking for an explanation and you wouldent believe the lies they told.When they finally got confronted with proof, they didn´t even answer anymore. And they act on command from HQ.I was thinking the other day, they call it the truth,but for me it sounds like they should change it to "the falsehood".


  • viktoria


    Sorry I forgot to mention you. I live in Denmark,I have lived here for many years now, but I come from Holland.

    Have even seen somebody from my old home town on this board. Yes, the internet is fantastic!


  • Beans

    Hertzlich Wilkommen!

    Happy Welcome!

    Great to have you here Victoria, please feel free to tell all the dirt you have on the society, we thrive on it!


    Canadian District Overbeer


  • asleif_dufansdottir
    Asleif-dufansdottir...your alias is from Iceland isn´t it?

    Kind of. It's 9th century Norse, but Iceland kept the Old Norse language and names around much longer than anywhere else.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Hi Vic and welcome. Read your posts and it's not only interesting but true.

    Guest 77

  • happy man
    happy man

    hej vicktoria
    Är du från sverige, i så fall skriv på svenska,har varit här över 2 år, trots att jag är JW , o varit hela mitt liv även älste över 20 år,

    hälsar HM

  • Dansk

    God dag Victoria.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Dansk, Physio and Boys

  • viktoria

    Hej med dig Happy Man!

    Nej, jeg er ikke fra Sverige men fra Danmark. Alligevel rart at træffe en anden Skandinaver .

    Håber vi må få nogle gode samtaler. Jeg har været JV i 30 år i 2 forskællige lande,så jeg kan sige at jeg kender systemet,ligesom du. Skriv igen, det ville være rart. Skal du forresten til det internationale stævne i København her til sommer?

    Til Dansk: Og en god dag til dig også-jeg håber også at vi vil få nogle gode samtaler .

    Mange hilsner til alle fra Scandinavien

    En de hartelijke groeten aan iedereen uit Nederland


  • johnathanseagull

    Victoria................welcome, you have mountains to climb, but know that you can come here to get support and encouragment at any time



  • oldcrowwoman

    Velkommen Viktoria

    Glad to meet you. I too have relatives in Denmark. I was brought up in Danish communities here in the United States. One is Askov, Minnesota and the other Solvang, California.

    Yes there are many stories to share. Great place for support.


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