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  • viktoria

    Hallo everyone out there.

    Little old me from Scandinavia wants to say "Hallo" to you all.

    I´ve been lurking for some time now, but couldent find the courage to write.

    I´m trying to fade away quiet and elegant but the dubs are after me like a group of blood hounds.

    I feel so very very miserable about it all.

    At this moment the most "loving and zealous" couple in my cong. are being -pardon my language-real bastards to me,the wife looking at me with pure hatred on her face,the husband is writing angry letters to me,demanding me to pray,count my blessings and come to the KH-because"paradise is just around the corner".

    I just can´t do it anymore-the very thought of going to a KH makes me feel sick,the lies, the fake smiles,the gossip, the cliques in the KH.....

    The never ending demands,the contol on everything .(Beleve it or not,I have had unannounced guests on saturday evening´s 22.00 or saturday morning´s 09.00)

    Not to mention the betrayal from HQ.

    No, I´m not going back,but I wish I didn´t feel so sad and unhappy about the situation,these people really,really hurt my son and me,without any reason at all.

    O, the story´s I could tell.



  • Realist

    hello victoria!

    welcome to the board! don't let yourself get pulled down by these brainwashed fools!!

    Realist (who will soon be a scandinavian too )

  • IronGland

    Ah, another scandinavian. Tell me, whats your opinion of the following: Roxette, ABBA, Ace of Base, Bjorn Borg?

  • WildHorses

    Welcome to the forum, Viktoria!

  • Utopian_Raindrops


    Hug {{{{{{Hugz}}}}}} Gurlfriend!!!

    I am a single mother of 3 and I can tell you I know what you mean when you say

    “these people really,really hurt my son and me,without any reason at all.”

    You and I could probably tell hundreds of true stories!!!

    Hug {{{{{{Hugz}}}}}Hug {{{{{{{Hugz}}}}}DoubleHug {{{{{{Hugz}}}}}}}Hug

    Welcome to the forum sweety!!#1


    JuggleAirborneJuggleAirborneJuggleAirborne WELCOME!!!!!JuggleAirborneJuggleAirborneJuggleAirborne

  • outnfree


    Hello to you, and Welcome to the Board!

    Please feel comfortable in expressing yourself here and using this forum as an outlet for your hurts and frustrations.



  • Pleasuredome

    hej viktoria!

    welcome to the board!

    it looks like you seen the real fruitage of their spirit. remember they are only in control if you let them be! uninvited guest aren't guests, so show them who is boss, and you dont have to tell them anything.

    hope all goes well for you

  • Mecurious?

    Welcome to the board Viktoria. You will some "solace here". There are some genuinely nice people here.


  • Kenneson

    Welcome Victoria. It's great to be free from the Watchtower, as you will find out. There's no going back.

  • Aztec

    Hi Victoria! What part of Scandinavia do you live in, if you don't mind me asking? My grandparents were from Norway and Denmark. Happy to see you here!


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