canadian justice coming to an end this week, hopefully

by needs_lots 46 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • shamus

    I am joining the cast here, hoping for a good decision! Man, I hope that you win!

  • neverthere

    Vicki, I will wait until later this evening to call you, I was hoping that by now you would have had an answer.

    Love Diana

  • shamus

    Still waiting... still hoping....

  • blondie

    No news is good news.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hmmmm... It is now 5:21 PM EST...

    How is "no news good news"? Wasn't today the deadline that the Judge herself committed to? Or is the Canadian Court a 27/7 operation?

    I'm just wondering...

  • Beans

    As I read this thread I am saddened as I recall my sisters abuse by an alder and it really hits home emotionally, I cannot imagine what you are feeling now Vicki.

    No matter what you will always be the winner as you move on out and free, good luck!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I believe that the judgement would be given to the lawyers and then passed to Vicki. That might mean a meeting set up share the information.

    It could also mean the family is just taking in the news

    Time folks. Give them time to get and digest the news

  • neverthere

    FYI, I think, if things are still the same as when I was a legal secretary, the judge can take until 6-7 pm (Toronto time, which it is now 5:47) to rule, keep the good thoughts,


  • needs_lots

    Hello Again,

    It is 9pm and we just heard from the lawyer that the judge was granted another 30 day extension. I was pissed and angry because by lawyer knew about this yesterday and did not inform me. She says she will definitely make her decision on or before the 30th and that she is almost finished now, but needs just a little more time to conclude it. This waiting, and waiting and more and more extensions are putting me over the edge. It seems like whenever I think I can't do it anymore, and Iam hanging in by the hour, I have to wait again. I will still keep everyone informed. THanks to razorblade and neverthere for the calls today.


  • neverthere

    No problem, you got me and the kids, and hubby for support anytime.

    Love Diana

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