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    free will

    oh my! dead on! thanks so much mr moe. that was a lot of work, thank you. growing up as a jw, i never gave astrology much thought. lately, however, i have wondered. now, i'm more than fascinated. i'll be looking into this more. thanks again.

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    Makes about as much sense as a thousand years as a day, and time, times, and half a time, and the generation that sees these things will not pass away until all things are fulfilled, and a fish eating someone and throwing them up 3 days later unhurt or a drunken man screwing his two daughters because his wife turned into salt etc.

    Ken P.

  • Aztec

    Hehe Undecided.

    Mine makes no sense to me either.

    Rising sign is 14 degrees Capricorn

    Sun sign is 23 degrees Sagittarius

    Moon is 09 degrees Virgo

    Mercury is 09 degrees Sagittarius

    Venus is 05 degrees Aquarius

    Mars is 27 degrees Aries

    Jupiter is 11 degrees Aquarius

    Saturn is 01 degrees Cancer

    Uranus is 26 degrees Libra

    Neptune is 07 degrees Sagittarius

    Pluto is 06 degrees Libra

    N. Node is 28 degrees Sagittarius

    All I know is there is a lot of Sagittarius in there. Not that I believe in that sort of thing...


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    Moe, I can't seem to get it to work again, but I was born feb.4, 1970 5:18 pm, Reno, NV

  • MrMoe

    Avishai - I been reading all evening... but saw ur post before i went to bed... anyhow... um, i have never seen so many bloody oppositions. dear god... several Grand Crosses as well... ack ack ack one being in Saturn... triple ack...

    Got an email address I can ship your charts to???

    everybody - will get to your charts later... one of those days where jsut get super busy...

  • avishai

    Sure, gorgeous, & thanx! My email is I appreciate it!

  • caligirl

    Interesting stuff Mr. Moe! I never gave a thought to looking deeper than the basic sign. I don't agree with all of what it says, but a good portion of it seems to describe me quite well. Do you have more details to offer, or a different interpretation than this site gave me?

    Sun and Moon in Aquarius

    This astrological combination indicates refinement of character and a generally altruistic attitude toward humanity. The first impression others have of you is one of friendliness and sincerity. Your thinking tends to be positive. You remain self-reliant and optimistic, even under trying circumstances. Your ideas are progressive, and because you present them so well, they are rarely offensive to anyone, even though unconventional. You are well suited for a public career because of your genuine concern, originality, and capacity to work with people. Individual love is to you an extension of your universal love of mankind. You display an even temper and preserve your equanimity most of the time. However, your feelings, although sincere, keep you somewhat detached from your love partner. The key to a more harmonious existence lies in playing up the humane, progressive, and sociable aspects of your personality, while lessening the detached and inscrutable conduct that is the paradox of your nature.

    nach oben

    Ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in the Eighth House

    At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Aquarius was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Uranus is located in the eighth house.

    You were born with a natural disposition to be humane, sympathetic, original and refined in your dealings with others. Among your features is the ability to understand human nature in a sympathetic manner. Unfortunately, you do not always act upon your intuitions and may become rationalistic at times when swift and prompt determination is required.

    The common Aquarian is good and kindly, but usually led astray by eccentric and bizarre companions.

    Your tastes are refined and your discrimination keen. You have a natural inclination toward the esoteric and mystical side of life and you could develop some clairvoyant abilities. Basically you are a lover of freedom; in the realization of this desire you may go to extremes.

    Although changeable in appearance, your life is guided by very definite and fixed principles, one of which is a constant demand for personal freedom. In love you are a strange character. You can easily be emotionally attracted to one person and yet unpredictably terminate relationships.

    As an inventor you have no rival; your problem is that sometimes you lack the practical ability to implement your creations. Professionally you will be successful in any of the following fields of activity: modern science, electrical work, photography, archaeology, astrology, radio etc.

    Physically, Uranus, as the ruler of your life in this house, gives a liability to uncommon nervous ailments.

    You are going to undergo much anxiety and worry from business dealings in which your partner is involved or which may arise due to some estate or inheritance left to you. It is very possible that sudden financial gains will be obtained through your partner. Psychologically, your ruler in the eighth house must give you, at some point in life, an interest in the esoteric and mystical.

    nach oben

    Sun in the First House

    The Sun is in the first house. You are by nature energetic, proud and self-assertive. You project yourself enthusiastically and energetically into all situations. Your naturally outgoing disposition and personable manner usually make a good impression on people.

    Your heightened self-perception puts you in touch with a strong sense of will, and you can manipulate your will to suit your aims and desires in life. This position of the Sun gives the capacity for leadership, for you tend to attract people and to have a strong influence on them when they are with you.

    You do not like to depend on others, but you hold on to your friends, for they are usually pleased to help you when you need it. You are willing to help close friends who are deserving, but only if you know that your efforts will be appreciated.

    You often prefer to work alone. However, this is not your only choice, for you adapt well to working with people as long as you are free to express yourself. With a first-house Sun, there is a tendency to overestimate your own worth, but through repeated contacts with others you will inevitably come to a more realistic appraisal of your abilities and potential.

    nach oben

    Moon in the First House

    The Moon is in the first house. This position indicates that you are strongly influenced by your feelings and moods.

    Your awareness of yourself is influenced by your momentary feelings, and this perception is subject to rapid changes of mood and emotion. In time, you will learn to understand why you react as you do to various situations, and then you can begin to change your response patterns and take more control of your life.

    Others sense your lack of emotional self-sufficiency and tend to get involved in your personal affairs, even if you try to prevent it. You express your sensitivity through an emotional need to nurture and be nurtured by others. While you would like to have guidance and supervision concerning your goals and objectives, it would be better to achieve your aims independently so that you will not feel obligated to others.

    The advantage of this position lies in your ability to sense other people's needs and desires.

    In fact, you have a calming effect on people who are under stress, and this makes you ideally suited for working with the public.

    nach oben

    Venus in the First House

    Venus is in the first house. This is a strong position for Venus, for it adds charm to your personality and gives you an amiable and pleasant disposition.

    You concentrate a great deal on your appearance and even if you are not especially beautiful or handsome, you have a quality of softness and friendliness, which endears you to many.

    You like to keep beauty and grace around you as much as possible. You have a strong affinity with nature and prefer the quiet life of the country to the plastic constructions of city life.

    It is likely that you grew up in an atmosphere of warmth and congeniality. Now it is easy for you to project these same feelings to family and friends, and others often count on you to restore peace in difficult situations.

    You have strong inclinations toward music, art and drama and you may wish to cultivate a form of artistic expression.

    You work very hard to get along with others, and you usually try to win arguments with diplomacy rather than force. You must learn to be self-assertive when necessary and to stand up for your own rights, forcefully if need be. Otherwise, people will not have much respect for you.

    Relationships are important to you, and you often go out of your way to initiate them. It is vital that your associations remain harmonious, because quarrels and disputes affect you adversely.

    Note: Venus is technically near the end of house 12 and is therefore interpreted in house 1.

    nach oben

    Venus Conjunct Ascendant

    Venus conjunct the Ascendant indicates that you have a personable manner and social charm, which win you the approval of everyone you deal with. This is exactly the sanction you seek, for above all, you want to be accepted. You find it easy to make whatever compromises are necessary to get what you desire. However, you may not succeed in convincing everyone that you are only acting the part of the conniver. Regardless of the image you present to observers, underneath the surface is a calculating machine on which you count the advantages and disadvantages of every association or friendship, every social contact and social function.

    You are usually well behaved and refined, but when you can not get what you want, you become extremely aggressive and demanding.

    Learn to tone down your self-seeking and spend some time developing the more substantial talents that will make you worthy of the gifts you seek.

    nach oben

    Saturn in the Fourth House

    Saturn was found in the fourth house at the time of your birth. Both the first and, especially the last epoch of your life, will be challenged with multiple duties, frustrations, and problems in general, that seem to originate from circumstances very difficult to alter.

    A rather cold childhood may leave deep marks on your subconscious. This could lead to a sense of fear and distrust in the world that is not conducive to success in human relations and communications.

    You may feel that your personal freedom is greatly hindered and this will cause you to suffer. Saturn indicates the narrow and dangerous path between our animal nature and our spiritual abode. This path is reason which can lead us from the binds of bestial attachment to the higher states of consciousness. Your unfortunate experience may be a test of fate over your reasoning powers. Don't be "felled" by lower emotions nor be "tormented" by depressive ideas arising from the unknown. You must think and feel by your own volition.

    nach oben

    Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

    With Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant, you are the picture of optimism. You do nothing in moderation because you are always hopeful that some of your excesses will work out for the best in the long run. You are ambitious, but in satisfying your ambitions, you attempt more than is possible for you.

    You are generous, kind, sympathetic, benevolent, and the delight of anyone seeking a contribution in a fund-raising campaign, since you are a soft touch. You are too open with private or classified information. Try to be more conservative and serious.

    nach oben

    astrOtext Portrait - Short Edition

    for (female)
    born on 4 Feb 1973local time06:24 am
    in (US)U.T.11:24
    72w15, 43n39sid. time15:32:56

    Planetary positions
    Venus is technically near the end of house 12 and is interpreted in house 1.
    True NodeCapricorn16°36'3312retrograde
    House positions (Placidus)
    2nd HousePisces19°50'52
    3rd HouseAries28°51'25
    Imum CoeliTaurus25°34'10
    5th HouseGemini16°31'52
    6th HouseCancer06°29'48
    8th HouseVirgo19°50'52
    9th HouseLibra28°51'25
    Medium CoeliScorpio25°34'10
    11th HouseSagittarius16°31'52
    12th HouseCapricorn06°29'48
    Major aspects
    Sun Conjunction Mercury 4°52
    Sun Trine Saturn 1°49
    Sun Trine Uranus 7°31
    Moon Conjunction Mercury 8°00
    Moon Sextile Mars 3°47
    Moon Trine Uranus 5°21
    Mercury Sextile Mars 4°12
    Mercury Trine Uranus 2°38
    Venus Conjunction Jupiter 3°48
    Venus Trine Pluto 4°34
    Venus Conjunction Ascendant 1°05
    Mars Sextile Uranus 1°34
    Jupiter Square Uranus 2°47
    Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant 4°53
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°56
    Pluto Trine Ascendant 3°29
    Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).
    altCopyright © 2003 ASTRODIENST AG report a problem
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    Here's my moon sign

  • JH

    At $4.99 a minute, Moe would be rich tonight... Anyways she would deserve it. Sending positive energy to moe town.

  • pr_capone

    Name: Eremic Granell

    October 3 1980

    5:03 PM Time Zone is 4 Hrs. Includes daylight time if applicable.

    Perth Amboy, New Jersey

    Rising Sign is in 03 Degrees Pisces

    Very sensitive to your surroundings, other people's feelings become
    your feelings. Try to avoid negative people because your tendency to
    empathize with them will make you negative also. An idealist, you
    must believe in something beyond your normal everyday existence. A
    dreamer, you like to escape to a world of your own creation. As
    such, you are known for the vividness of your imagination and should
    try to share your inner visions with others. Very self-sacrificial
    by nature, beware of others becoming overly dependent on you or vice
    versa. Allow yourself to live for yourself once in a while -- you
    deserve it. Don't be so envious of those who are more aggressive
    than you -- your gentle charity and true humility are indeed
    wonderful gifts.
    on the tenth house cusp (MIDHEAVEN).

    Sun is in 10 Degrees Libra.

    Very sociable, you enjoy being with others and definitely prefer not
    be alone. Warm and affectionate, you go out of your way to make
    others like you. You despise ugliness, for you being surrounded by
    beauty and harmony is a necessity of life. You prefer fine clothing,
    an attractive home and pleasant surroundings wherever you are. Your
    refined tastes apply to music and to art as well. At times, you are
    very indecisive you waver and falter when forced to make a choice
    because you have the ability to see both sides of any question. The
    positive part of this is that you are very fair-minded and can be
    trusted to settle disputes. Your greatest challenge is to take any
    one- on-one encounter and make the most of it.

    Moon is in 13 Degrees Leo.

    You always want to be proud of yourself and will never do anything
    that will make yourself look bad. You need the respect and
    admiration of others and enjoy attracting attention to yourself.
    Everything you do tends to be self-emphasized and self-exaggerated.
    Very stubborn, willful and independent yourself, be sure to allow
    others who are close to you the similar right to "be themselves."
    Your need for love, affection and reassurance, and your tendency
    toward vanity, allow you to have your head easily turned by
    flattery. The more insecure you are, the more you tend to be a
    showoff. You love games and sports as a matter of fact, you would
    usually rather play than work. Be careful of a tendency to be
    snobbish and uppity -- it does not become you.

    Mercury is in 04 Degrees Scorpio.

    You are a born investigator. You are fascinated by secrets and
    mysteries and unanswered questions of any kind. When you become
    upset or angry, your emotional reactions are overpowering -- reason
    and logic disappear in an uncontrollable passionate outburst. You
    tend to keep your thoughts secret and bottled up and this makes
    others regard you with suspicion. It is not that you are trying
    purposely to be evasive, it is just that you would rather not deal
    with the explosions and hassles that often occur when you reveal
    your true feelings and opinions. Your sense of humor tends toward
    sarcasm and irony.

    Venus is in 28 Degrees Leo.

    You have a striking, regal appearance and demeanor that attracts
    others to you. Your friendship is highly sought and you tend to take
    friendships quite seriously -- you remain loyal and true to those to
    whom you are attached. For you, love is mixed with pride and
    respect. Relationships are over when you lose respect for your
    partner. Be careful of a tendency to relate only to those who make
    you look good -- the powerful, important and influential. This can
    lead to arrogance and selfishness, and neither of these qualities
    becomes you.

    Mars is in 24 Degrees Scorpio.

    Your likes and dislikes are strong and intense, never casual or
    superficial. You are known for your persistence and willful
    obsession. Once you have decided on a course of action, you are
    unstoppable. Your emotional actions tend to be extreme, although you
    try to keep them muted. You are not quick to anger, you do slow
    burns. And you tend to release your anger as sarcasm or irony.
    Beware of your tendency to hold grudges and to be vengeful. When you
    do fight, or release your internal tensions, you do so body and soul
    -- you become totally passionate and your outbursts are awesome to

    Jupiter is in 25 Degrees Virgo.

    You feel most expansive and at ease with yourself when you are doing
    something that you consider to be practical or useful. You enjoy
    being dutiful and carrying out responsibilities. You gladly take on
    the little tasks that others seem to want to avoid. At times, you
    carry things to extremes and feel guilty anytime you do something
    that you consider to be self-indulgent. While it is appropriate for
    you to demand little for yourself in life, try to loosen up once in
    a while -- go out on a fling and enjoy yourself!

    Saturn is in 01 Degrees Libra.

    Although you take quite a while to make decisions, you usually
    consider all sides to a question, all the pros and cons, and the
    solution you come up with is very often the correct one. You tend to
    be very reserved and shy, but, once you make a commitment to someone
    (in either a business or personal relationship), the partnership is
    forever. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play and
    greatly respect the laws and institutions by which you are governed.
    As such, you are outraged when others break laws or show contempt
    for authority.

    Uranus is in 23 Degrees Scorpio.

    You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and
    most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your
    approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or
    superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will
    seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different
    ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

    Neptune is in 20 Degrees Sagittarius.

    You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in
    investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems
    and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued
    with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to
    improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be
    comfortable with the concept of the "global village."

    Pluto is in 21 Degrees Libra.

    For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in
    society's attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships.
    There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making
    emotional or contractual commitments -- they will not be entered
    into lightly.

    N. Node is in 19 Degrees Leo.

    You prefer to take the leadership role when it comes to dealing with
    others. You enjoy administering and organizing group activities.
    Others tend to listen to your suggestions because you aren't usually
    overly domineering or patronizing in your interactions. You love to
    entertain in a big way -- you're at your best when throwing a large
    and lavish party. Your popularity and social success are assured as
    long as you don't take others for granted -- resist the temptation
    to become snobbish and arrogant.

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