Please tell me I wasn't the only PIMO elder to do this...

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  • Solzhenitsyn

    So a recent post by a troller linked to a YouTube vid of the midweek meeting stream:

    Just assuming everyone knows that this is the congregation in Pt. Richie, FL that WT uses for all the shut ins approved for logging into with the privilege of getting their meetings at home. They were available to stream (permissions granted local cong admin: usually COBE or SEC) a day after they were recorded. Sunday meeting were always available Monday and the the Pt. Richie midweek meeting was on Mondays and posted Tuesday.

    I loved this "provision from Jehovah" because I never had to actually work up any of my Thursday midweek meeting talks. As the COBE I gave myself permission, logged in, watched the part, took notes, got on the stage in my local KH and regurgitated the whole thing. Taa daa.

    Please tell me I'm wasn't the only PIMO elder in recent years who did this!?

  • ToesUp

    I wasn't an Elder but I am one of those "sisters." lol I used to dial in and listen to the sisters talk the night before and copy it. It was a great way to write a difficult talk that you didn't want to do. I would give the talk and leave right after I gave it. Kids have homework and Mama's got a bottle of wine with her name on it at home. lol

    Funny how now that I am no longer a JW, I very rarely drink anymore!! Wonder why!!!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    So what is going on on New Port Richey? I was the P.O. in the late 90's there. At the time it was a very large congregations. We had several small book studies. Most of them had very few go out in field service during the week. Also the whole territory was worked every 6 weeks. Lots of luck in trying to control all those witnesses. Again if a few of the elders use to know are still there, they will love this new arrangement. Still Totally ADD

  • LovingLifeNow

    I was a servant and had plenty parts, and used to youtube anything about the topic I was ready to give a talk on. This would have been icing on the cake and a no brainer for me.Thats actually how I stumbled across the ARC, Hence now here I am..

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby got a box with public talk recordings in the early 90's from a special pioneer. Listened them, made notes of it and used it for my own public talks.

    Got so many compliments.


  • Solzhenitsyn

    For many years MANY of us elders used this site: to capture (plagiarize) dozens of Public Talks i gave. WT legal shut him down about a year ago which was just in time for my fade. Since he has posted many on youtube to skirt the legal desk:

    I got a kick out of one CO we had out in Athens, GA. Wow, he was a Cracker Barrel lovin redneck who bucked the system just a little. [EX: 13:15 and 29:14]

  • Tobyjones262

    My Brother used to live on Salt tree road off of Little road in NPR.

  • Tiana

    Been there

    Done it

    found TTATT

    Threw a fit

    Out I spit

    Life is beautiful

  • eyeuse2badub

    Once I was 'mentally out' I could no longer stomach even the thought of giving talks or being on the platform so my resignation as an elder came fairly quickly once I accepted ttatt.

    just saying!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Once I was 'mentally out' I could no longer stomach even the thought of giving talks or being on the platform so my resignation as an elder came fairly quickly once I accepted ttatt.


    I just couldn't "fake it". Still can't! I was too damn angry when I learned that this malicious Cult had caused me to waste the bet years of my adult life! No way was I going to be PIMO -- I mean TIMO -- TRAPPED INSIDE, Mentally Out.

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